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Public Speaking for Kids Ages 12-16

Public Speaking for Kids Ages 12-16

Learn to speak confidently using our short video lessons created by youth coaches and content designed by experts.

What you’ll learn

Public Speaking for Kids Ages 12-16

  • Understand the basics of Public Speaking.

  • Communicate clearly and confidently.

  • Be comfortable in presenting your authentic self.

  • Manage anxiety while speaking in public.

  • Write short and impactful speeches.

  • Deliver an impactful speech to your audience


  • This course is recommended for learners ages 12 and upwards who are shy or new to Public Speaking.

  • Do not skip lessons. You cannot learn public speaking by just watching videos. Make sure you submit your answers and create a speech based on the instructions provided to you.

  • Plan to practice for 1-2 hours/week. This is important to get the best out of this course.

  • Learners will create a folder for their speech writing and recording activities. They will record themselves speaking using a camera.

  • Believe and visualize yourself as a highly confident speaker!


Dear Parent/Guardian,

This course is intended for purchase by adults (parents or guardians) for their children who wish to build confidence in Public Speaking. Please dedicate 1-2 hours of practice/per week, go through all the video lessons, and complete all the assignments and the final speech. If you submit the final speech to us, we will provide you with personalized feedback!

This Public Speaking course will help your child –

  1. turn anxiety into excitement
  2. develop creative and engaging content
  3. use effective speaking techniques
  4. deliver with confidence clarity and power
  5. express themselves authentically

This is perfect for those who –

  • have a fear of public speaking
  • lack confidence in their English language skills
  • avoid school and community events out of fear
  • struggle to communicate their ideas

Weak communication skills might keep you or your child from running for student council or getting top grades in presentations today. Maybe that doesn’t sound like a huge problem. But today’s presentation is tomorrow’s doctorate dissertation. That seat on the student council could have prepared them to sit on a board of directors, or even become president one day.

An Expert-Designed Program

Designed under the guidance of award-winning international experts, Vince Stevenson and Mike Douse from the College of Public Speaking in London and child psychologist Dr. Krishna Chari of the University of New Mexico, the Public Speaking course will:

  • boost your child’s confidence in written, verbal, and nonverbal communication
  • teach coping skills to manage fear and anxiety during public speaking
  • improve your child’s ability to express themselves in front of any audience
  • build a success mindset so your child can reach their highest potential

Give your child the opportunity to excel with the skill that business leaders and politicians call the number one requirement for success!

Who this course is for:

  • Children ages 12 and upwards who want to become highly confident leaders and speakers with parental guidance.
  • Anyone who wants to express clearly, confidently, and authentically.
  • Middle and High schoolers who desire to lead and contest in debate and speech competitions with parental guidance.
  • Someone who must overcome shyness, fear, and anxiety during speaking in front of others.
  • Those who need the courage to speak up and stand their ground.
  • Youth who want to communicate with impact and influence.

Public Speaking for Kids Ages 12-16

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