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Presentation Mastery – Microsoft PowerPoint & Google Slide

hints and suggestions on how to create, format, and deliver impactful presentations

What you’ll learn

Presentation Mastery – Microsoft PowerPoint & Google Slide

  • Make sure you understand what Presentation software is about.
  • You will learn how to make and deliver a good presentation with these tips and tricks.
  • There are two popular presentation tools: Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. You’ll learn how to make, format, save, and present slides with both of them, as well as how to use them together.
  • You’ll learn how to apply transitions and animations to your presentation in this class.
  • Then you will learn how to show slides in both PowerPoint and Google Slides in different ways.
  • You’ll learn how to find a free presentation template that looks good enough to use for your project.
  • Learn how to make photo albums, use videos, and sound.
  • To learn more about what this course covers, check out the curriculum. You can also talk to your teacher.


  • The ability to use a computer.
  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer with a practical guide and steps to follow.
  • Determination and a desire to learn new skills.
  • Having the ability to follow instructions and guides is also important.


In the end, a presentation is a tool for people to use to communicate better ideas, visions, goals, plans, information, and so on.

Whether you are a professional, an entrepreneur, or a job seeker, you will need to have good presentation skills in order to succeed in today’s digital-enabled business world, no matter what your job or background is.

If you’re just starting out with a Presentation, this class is for you. It will help you get better at it.

If you take this class, you will learn about the two best presentation apps today. When you know how to use these two top apps well, you will be able to use any presentation tools you come across.

Major parts of the course:

1. Mastery of Microsoft Powerpoint

The tips and guides in this module will show you how to use Microsoft Powerpoint to make good presentations.

2. Mastering Google Slides is the second thing.

In this module, you will learn how to use Google slides to make, format, and deliver good presentations.

The skills and knowledge that you learn in this course will help you be able to use the top two presentation software in the office and business world today. Microsoft Powerpoint and Google Slides are two of the most popular presentation software. With your experience with these two, it will be very easy for you to adapt to any presentation software that comes your way.

Looking forward to going on this journey with you to become a master of Presentation.

To your progress:

Who this course is for:

  • Graduate and undergraduate students who wish to improve their presentation skills in order to increase their employment opportunities in a computer-enabled workplace.
  • Professionals who wish to improve their ability to communicate their thoughts effectively through the use of Presentation.
  • Businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, and trainers who want to be more adept in communicating their ideas rely on Presentation to do it effectively.
  • Teenagers or secondary school students who wish to learn one of the most in-demand talents in today’s academics and workplace can do so by participating in this program.
  • Anyone interested in learning how to create and give an excellent presentation should attend.

Presentation Mastery – Microsoft PowerPoint & Google Slide