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Playwright JS Automation Testing from Scratch with Framework

Playwright JS Automation Testing from Scratch with Framework

Playwright -Modern Testing tool for reliable Web Automation. Support API calls within UI tests for Smarter Automation.

What you’ll learn

Playwright JS Automation Testing from Scratch with Framework

  • Understand the Web Automation with Playwright on Live Applications

  • Comprehensive knowledge of all Playwright Methods and their usage with examples

  • Learn How to make API calls within Automation tests to perform intelligent automation

  • Understand how to Intercept Network/API requests & responses with Playwright

  • Get Familiar with the Playwright Inspector tool, Trace Viewer & Code Gen (Record Playback) tools

  • Develop End to End Framework with Playwright utilizing all the features available in the tool

  • Learn Visual testing with Playwright to compare the Images

  • Learn JavaScript fundamentals required for Playwright Automation testing


  • No Programming experience is required. JavaScript basics are entirely taught in the course in a dedicated section.


PLAYWRIGHT – The Most trending Automation tool, which is a tough competitor to Selenium & Cypress

This is the only Comprehensive Playwright course available online, which covers everything from basics to Framework, including JavaScript basics

**********10 reasons why  Playwright can be the future of UI Automation******************

  1. Playwright enables reliable end-to-end testing for modern web apps with its Auto-wait capability
  2. Works on major Browser which uses Chromium Engine (Chrome & Edge), Firefox, Safari (Web kit) & Opera
  3. Works on any OS – Windows, MAC, Linux & Supports Native mobile emulation of Google Chrome for Android and Mobile IOS in Safari
  4. Works with any language – JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Python, C#(.NET). – (

    This course is made on JavaScript)

  5. Playwright has excellent inbuilt features called Traces, which can take automatic Screenshots, test video recording, Flaky test retry & Logging mechanism
  6. Playwright provides an inspector tool that helps us to monitor and debug every step of execution, see click points, and verify page locators on fly
  7. Playwright has inbuilt API Testing libraries to fire the Network calls on the fly within Web Applications. (Test Edge Case scenarios with the mix of web & API testing)
  8. Playwright provides browser context features that help save and transfer the browser state to any other new browser.
  9. Playwright provides a code-gen tool that Generates test code by recording your actions. Save them in any language.
  10. With all its top features, Playwright is now a tough competitor for Selenium & Cypress automation tools.

Breakdown of Playwright topics in this course

We are using JavaScript language binding to build Playwright Automation tests. (Js is mainly picked language for Playwright)

For Beginners, there is 2 hours Javascript video in the last section of this course, which covers all JS basics from Scratch.

Playwright Web/UI Automation (covers all core concepts) – 50%

A mix of Web & API Tests, including Network Mocking. – 25%

Playwright Advanced Framework features. – 25%

JavaScript Basics for Beginners (optional)

Who this course is for:

  • Automation testers
  • QA
  • Developers

Playwright JS Automation Testing from Scratch with Framework

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