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New SAT Writing: Fastest Way to Improve Course

New SAT Writing: Fastest Way to Improve Course

Quickly Master the SAT Writing by Categorizing & Statistically Evaluating What Question TYPES You are Getting Wrong

What you’ll learn

New SAT Writing: Fastest Way to Improve Course

  • Learn ALL necessary grammar rules to ACE the SAT Writing

  • Take a FULL SAT Writing 44 Question Exam

  • Know the question types for all your incorrect answers

  • Understand all video solutions for 44 exam questions

  • Identify weaknesses based on statistical feedback of incorrect question type and frequency

  • Learn all usage rules for comma, colon, dash, semicolon, and period

  • Learn procedures to approach similar question types systematically


  • Basic knowledge of English grammar and motivation to improve your SAT score


I am absolutely thrilled to introduce a revolutionary SAT Writing course.

It is important that you study the SAT exam with strategy. Study strategies focused on volume are obsolete and wasteful considering the busy schedules of high school students.

  • Therefore, I’ve created an SAT Writing course that focuses on teaching SAT Writing prep with STRATEGY by applying statistical analysis to evaluate your performance.
  • Like in any field, strategy is key, and the SAT test prep field is no different.
  • Start approaching SAT test prep scientifically by applying statistical and collective analyses of incorrect question types to reap the benefits of smarter strategic learning.

Who this course is for:

New SAT Writing: Fastest Way to Improve Course

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