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[NEW] React + Firebase: For Beginners – Free Udemy Courses

[NEW] React + Firebase: For Beginners – Free Udemy Courses

Learn how to build and launch React & Firebase real-time applications using React, Parcel, Babel, React-Router, & more!

What you’ll learn

[NEW] React + Firebase: For Beginners – Free Udemy Courses

  • How to develop web apps using reactjs and firebase
  • How to set up a backend real-time database for real time apps


  • a computer and internet connection


Learn to build real-world applications using modern React! Much more than an intro, you’ll start from the ground up, getting to using the latest features in React, including hooks, effects, context, and portals.

Throughout the course, you’ll piece together tools from the entire React ecosystem (like Reach Router) to build a full application.

Use the Firebase platform to deploy sophisticated web and mobile apps without having to build your complex, server-side infrastructure. Get set up and learn to update React components in real-time. Deploy your app, add OAuth authentication and activate database security rules.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers looking to learn how to build web apps
  • Developers want to know how to create real-time applications without a lot of complexity

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