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Mobile Automation with Appium 2.0 and WebdriverIO – 2022

Mobile Automation with Appium 2.0 and WebdriverIO – 2022

The only course you need to learn is how to automate your mobile apps with JavaScript and WebdriverIO and Appium.

What you’ll learn

Mobile Automation with Appium 2.0 and WebdriverIO – 2022

  • Building and improving a test framework.
  • Integration with BrowserStack.
  • GitHub Actions CI integration. This word is most relevant here.


  • Having some knowledge of JavaScript
  • Basic knowledge of WebdriverIO is needed.
  • Mobile Automation is something you should know at a high level.


Every year, more and more mobile apps are being made. The Google app store has about 2.6 million apps, and the Apple store has about 3.6 million. After this class, with the help of mobile automation, you will be able to help companies launch high-quality apps without having to worry about problems with them.

Appium (2.0) and WebdriverIO (2.0) will be taught in this class (v7). My job is to teach you all the best ways to become one of the best Automation engineers as we go through the process.

Here’s what we’re going to learn about in this class:

  • Appium and WebdriverIO: An introduction.
  • Setup and installation
  • Different ways to find things for both iOS and Android apps.
  • When you work with native features.
  • Practising skills in a real-world setting.
  • Set up the Page Object Model.
  • Making a test framework.
  • Optimizing the framework
  • People can use this action to connect their apps to Github.
  • Many more things…

Every single subject is taught with real-life examples in mind. The course will have exercises and quizzes that will make you think and let you use what you’ve learned.

People who take this course won’t have to worry about it being out of date.

Who this course is for:

  • Devs and QAs who want to learn about Mobile Automation.

    There are QA engineers who want to move from Web automation to mobile automation.

    SDETs who want to learn more about JavaScript and Mobile Automation.

Mobile Automation with Appium 2.0 and WebdriverIO – 2022

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