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Mastering in TypeScript – 2022 Edition Course

Mastering in TypeScript – 2022 Edition Course

Learn the programming language with the quickest rate of growth from the start. React and Webpack is included!

What you’ll learn

Mastering in TypeScript – 2022 Edition Course

  • The details of EVERY kind of syntax in TypeScript
  • Interfaces, generics, classes, modules, and other features of TypeScript
  • Webpack and TypeScript should be combined.
  • ReactJS and TypeScript together.


  • The Javascript Basic Experience


Welcome to the top online site for learning TypeScript.

A strong superset of JavaScript called TypeScript makes development easier and safer while also assisting in the early detection of mistakes and defects. The JavaScript that you already know and love gets a ton of helpful features from JavaScript. It makes you a more effective developer and motivates you to produce higher-quality code.

One of the most widely used and admired programming languages in the world, TypeScript, has had a meteoric rise in popularity. Since 2017, its popularity has doubled annually, and it has been expanding at an exponential pace. The moment is absolutely ripe to start learning TypeScript!

You will learn all the syntax, features, and ideas necessary to grasp TypeScript and begin applying it to your own codebases in this course. Up to and including integrating TypeScript in React codebases and utilizing Webpack with TypeScript, we cover all the fundamentals of the type system.

The course’s themes are broken out in-depth below:

  1. TypeScript is a type system.
  2. Types of Union
  3. intersection types
  4. Numerals and tuples
  5. Interfaces
  6. The TypeScript compiler and setting it up
  7. Utilizing TypeScript and the DOM
  8. Classes in typescript
  9. Generics
  10. Type Limiting
  11. Declarations of Type
  12. Utilizing libraries from outside parties
  13. Webpack and TypeScript workflows
  14. Combining TypeScript with React
  15. System of Modules for TypeScript

Who this course is for:

  • Absolute Beginners in TypeScript