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Learn to Speak Dutch (3-Course Bundle) Course

Learn to Speak Dutch (3-Course Bundle) Course

Beginners and Intermediate Dutch Language Skills (Grammar, Speaking, Pronunciation, Spelling, Common Phrases)

What you’ll learn

Learn to Speak Dutch (3-Course Bundle) Course

  • Speak, read, and write basic Dutch.
  • Pronounce Dutch words correctly.
  • Ask questions in Dutch.
  • Learn to tell times and dates in Dutch.
  • Learn Dutch grammar at an intermediate level.
  • Become acquainted with inversion, conjunctives, prepositions, and adjectives in the Dutch language.
  • Simple sentences as examples to support the theory of grammar.
  • Talk about money, banking, and the post office in Dutch.
  • Memorize words and phrases to get around in Dutch-speaking countries.
  • Learn to distinguish regular and irregular verbs in Dutch and conjugate them.
  • Discover common everyday expressions in Dutch.
  • Point out body parts in Dutch.
  • Greet each other in Dutch.
  • Speak sentences related to telephone, internet, photography, and the weather in Dutch.
  • Discuss religion and job issues in Dutch.
  • Small talk about hobbies, compliments, romance, and sightseeing in Dutch.
  • Some background tips and insights about the Netherlands and/or Belgium.
  • Verbs in the past tense, as well as the past participle in Dutch.
  • Learn the days of the week and months of the year in Dutch.
  • Learn what family members are called in Dutch.
  • Tell apart the different foods in the Dutch language.
  • Talk about food, hotels, and transportation in Dutch.
  • Ask directions and call for emergencies in Dutch.


  • Be able to read and speak English, and being open to learning a foreign language.


This is a bundle of 3 courses.Course 1: Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands and Suriname, and is commonly used by millions in Belgium, Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao.  The Netherlands and Belgium are huge trading partners for multiple businesses and are among the top economies in the world.  Learning to speak Dutch is a noble cause. You will find your confidence in yourself and your language skills grow as you become familiar with the details of this language. With these basics, you’ll see how easy it is to recognize specific words and see where they come from and why they mean what they mean.

Course 2: Conversations and small sentences are some of the best ways to become better at a language. Everyday situations will show you that knowing certain phrases will be beneficial to you. If you’re planning a visit to a Dutch speaking country like the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, or the Dutch Antilles, or if you know someone who speaks Dutch and appreciates the effort, this course is definitely for you! Became more skilled at the language and understand the meaning and explanation of where each word comes from.

Course 3: Do you know a little Dutch but not much? Then this course will help you continue to expand your knowledge of this beautiful language with all its growling noises. Learn why the Dutch throw verbs all the way to the back of the sentence, why they conjugate verbs the way they do, and how this all manifests itself in examples and simple, everyday sentences. Learn opposites like ugly versus beautiful, high versus low, and dumb versus smart.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to learn Dutch with no previous experience.
  • Those who wants to pronounce the Dutch language correctly.
  • Someone who is planning a trip to a Dutch speaking country.
  • Anyone who interacts with people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, or Dutch Antilles.
  • Those who want to expand their knowledge about grammar and certain Dutch words.
  • Anyone interested in the road of mastering the Dutch language.

Learn to Speak Dutch (3-Course Bundle) Course

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