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Learn how to build a passive income home-online business using WordPress

Learn how to build a passive income home-online business using WordPress

To make six figures and expand with WordPress, stop supporting home-based web enterprises.

What you’ll learn

  • Making a great drop-service website with WordPress and Elementor without coding
  • Creating a formal email with an email template
  • selecting bloggers as a daily customer base.
  • Ahead of time, hiring freelancers and knowing how to make money with them
  • To accept payments directly, provide a payment option on your website.
  • To gain free traffic for your website offering a specialty drop service, create an affiliate program.
  • When you do business from the convenience of your home, passive income declines.
  • Learn how to use the power of compounding in your company to expand it for long-term success and increase profits.
  • Learn to use Photoshop and Canvas to create logos and modify pictures for your specialty.


  • For this course, you must have access to the internet and a computer.


This is a top-notch drop service. With the aid of this course, you may work from the convenience of your home. The whole process of starting a drop service company has been covered in the course. To establish your own drop service company and make six figures, you may quickly learn how to run a home-based passive income business. Additionally, use your earnings to learn how to grow your company and manage staff.

How can Dropservicing Online Business help you build a six-figure passive income company?

Drop service, also known as service arbitrage, is the practice of operating a website for the sole purpose of providing services to visitors, such as video animation, poster and brochure design, logo creation, and so forth.

Once you get an order from a customer, you just need to pass it to a freelancer using one of the freelancing websites. I’ll teach you the easiest methods to attract clients via affiliates and bloggers. If the freelancer charges $20, you should bill the customer $40–$50 through your website, pay the freelancer $20 for the work, and then deliver the finished product to the client. You’ll make $30 in profit in the end. This is referred to as “drop service” or “sales arbitrage.”

Learn how to build a passive income home-online business using WordPress

I have covered every step needed to set up a drop service business in the course, and you will learn all the effective methods for attracting free customers by focusing on various bloggers and adding them to your affiliate program in exchange for a small commission (20% on each sale), which is sufficient to attract a few customers each month. In addition to having a quality website and paying out a respectable commission on each transaction, you must provide your affiliates with something of value if you want them to stay with you.

If you want to stay in business, you shouldn’t stop now but rather add more niches to your business because if you only target 1-2 niches, you will run out of keywords/ideas to target more bloggers. Instead, you should scale your business by adding more niches, which is simple to do, or you can hire more freelancers and use the money you make to add more niches to your website to target even more bloggers. From there, you’ll see that the sky is the limit.

Now that you have a better understanding of the situation and have made a sizable profit, you are prepared to hire an email specialist to contact more than 100 bloggers each day on your behalf, as well as a workload specialist to manage client requests and carry them out using the freelancers who are already employed by you. You may take a vacation or work for a few days each month while managing the employees’ payments.

“I do not guarantee or promise that anybody who attends this course will be successful or make money as a consequence,” the instructor states in full disclosure.

Who this course is for:

  • Utilize your online drop service company from home to get passive money.
  • Elementor is used in WordPress web development to create drop-service websites without coding.
  • Dropservicing Entrepreneurs Dropservicing Online Businesses
  • Business conducted at home
  • Web development with WordPress
  • Passive earnings

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