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Learn How Testing AI-based systems

Learn How Testing AI-based systems

A look at testing AI-ML-based systems and what will be added to the ISO quality standards for AI in the future.

What you’ll learn

Learn How Testing AI-based systems

  • Recognize the status of AI now and the next developments.
  • I make and execute test cases and strategies for AI-based systems.
  • participate in developing the testing plan for an AI-based system.
  • Know that testing AI-based systems can be hard because of things like their ability to learn on their own, bias, ethics, complexity, and lack of transparency.
  • This shows the areas where testers may most effectively affect the quality of AI-based systems.


  • You don’t have to know anything about software testing and AI systems to take this course, but it would be helpful.


A course on testing AI-based systems that isn’t technical This is interesting for anyone who is thinking about using, building, or integrating AI-based systems.

You will learn in this course “what” to consider while creating, designing, implementing, testing, or just using high-quality AI-based systems. We’re going to examine

  • What are ML and AI exactly?
  • The status of AI today
  • What qualities distinguish systems based on AI?
  • -Problems with AI-based systems, such as those with self-learning capabilities
  • What remedies are available to you to affect the standard?
  • The workflow for machine learning
  • Which strategies and procedures are available for evaluating AI-based systems?
  • Why you may not use test automation as your first option when testing AI

You will be able to develop test strategies, test scripts, and test scenarios for AI-based systems after you have finished the full course. Additionally, you may determine which hazards may affect your specific AI project. You may assess the quality of the data utilized in your project or company and track the machine learning workflow process.

Additionally, you will be able to carry out tests for an AI-based system using the test methodologies and test techniques covered in the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Interested in testing AI-based systems are software testers.
  • ML engineers that care about quality.
  • software professionals that value quality.
  • Owners of products and product managers

Learn How to Testing AI-based systems

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