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Learn Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers] Course

Learn Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers] Course

Part 1 of the Cloud Native Application Development Series.

What you’ll learn

Learn Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers] Course

  • Study Docker from the ground up.
  • gaining control over Docker commands and debugging.
  • Use Docker Compose to run numerous services.
  • Spring Application Dockerization.
  • Docker’s assistance for Spring developers


  • Experience with Spring WebFlux.
  • Understanding of Java.
  • The Ability to Speak with an Indian Accent


Spring developers who wish to understand Docker from scratch should take this course in particular.

In addition to studying Docker, we will also show how Docker may be useful in the day-to-day activities of a Java developer. We are improving output quality and productivity by using Docker. The ultimate objective of the course is that

What we will do in this course is as follows:

  • From the Ground Up
    • We will start with the story behind Docker’s creation, why developers need to learn Docker, and how Docker is different from virtual machines. Mastery of
    • Docker commands and debugging
    • Creating Docker Containers and Various Run Options
    • Port Mapping/Volume Mapping
    • Creating our own Docker Images
    • Docker Networks/Creating custom bridge networks
  • Docker Compose
    • A declarative way of creating Docker containers
    • Port & Volume mappings with Docker Compose
    • Postgres and AdminerMongoDB and Mongo Express
  • Spring Application Dockerization
    • Docker Image of our Spring application
    • Running our application via Docker ComposeMultiStage
    • Dockerfile
  • We are improving our integration testing with Test Container.
    • the quality of our application by writing integration tests using the Docker
    • GenericContainer approach.
    • ComposeContainer approach
  • Mock server
    • The mock server works Starting the
    • early development process when the dependent service is not ready in Microservices architecture
    • Creating integration tests in conjunction with Mockserver
  • Path-based Routing and Load Balancing with Nginx
    • Nginx + Docker + Microservices Compose to test a mini cloud in our local environment.
  • Assignment: You will be given a task to do the following:
    • Create a MicroservicePersistence with MongoDB
    • Docker image
    • Running the application via Docker Compose
    • Write Integration Tests

Who this course is for:

  • Any Spring/Java Developer

Learn Docker From Scratch [For Spring Developers] Course