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Learn AutoCAD Electrical from Scratch – Free Udemy Courses

Learn AutoCAD Electrical from Scratch – Free Udemy Courses

If to want to Learn AutoCAD Electrical for your productivity

What you’ll learn

Learn AutoCAD Electrical from Scratch – Free Udemy Courses

  • The students will learn about the background knowledge of electrical components,
  • their symbols and the different terminologies used in the electrical domain.
  • In this demo course,
  • the students will learn how to start working on the software


  • Background knowledge of electrical components, their symbols, and the terminologies is required before starting the course. Software installation techniques and a grip on some of the basic AutoCAD commands are necessary.


AutoCAD Electrical course is designed to give a clear understanding of AutoCADElectrical features, capabilities, and sound knowledge of the software to

enable the students to exploit the surplus availability of specially developed

electrical drafting tools to enhance productivity.

sections. In the first section, we will discuss a summary of the whole course,

a short overview of AutoCAD Electrical software, its interface sections, some

useful commands, and different types of electrical drawings and electrical circuits.

The second section is about the ARCADE interface sections’ work. Before starting

deep learning, we will discuss some demo drawings and circuits in AutoCAD

Electrical software. Based on the interface sections, some similarities and

detail. The concept of layers, dimensions, command windows, and multiple

techniques are explained to operate a command. Some of the work is

summarized as follows:

o How to hide/unhide the Ribbon tab and command window.

o How to adjust the size of the crosshair, pick box, and aperture size.

o Saving drawings in previous sections and plotting in pdf format.

o How to divide and object in different sections.

o Working on grip and snap settings.

o How to hide/unhide menu bar, schematic tab, etc.

o How to create a new workspace for ease of access.

o Moving from one workspace to another.

The third section is a brief overview of the project manager. A summary of its sub-topics is listed below:

o, Start working in the ARCADE project manager interface.

o Overview and opening of WDP file

o Importing/exporting of drawings.

o Creating a new project and setting its dialog box.

o Uses of Library and Icon menu paths in project properties.

o Creating, adding, and removing drawings in a project.

o Working in the new drawing dialog box.

o Differences in drawings due to different templates based on Limits

and Units are explained.

Who this course is for:

  • The students and teachers who are related to the electrical field can attend this course. Beginners and learners who want to expand their knowledge of the electrical designing background can also attend our lectures.

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