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Learn Adobe After Effects with a Crash Course for Creatives

Learn Adobe After Effects with a Crash Course for Creatives

You can make great social media videos and motion graphics without any experience. Study theory, after effects, and projects.

What you’ll learn

Learn Adobe After Effects with a Crash Course for Creatives

  • Start from scratch and learn how to utilize Adobe After Effects.
  • You will be well-versed in the theory of motion video.
  • Find out how to make effective social media advertisements.
  • be familiar with technical terminologies like resolution, frame rate, and others.
  • Real-world motion projects may be made, including video ads, motion typography, logo animations, and cinematic logo intros.
  • Learn how to use compositions, keyframes, easy ease, null objects, masks, wiggle, camera, effects, and more while working with motion typography!
  • Creating social media videos
  • Outstanding Video Production


  • You must have access to After Effects to get the most out of this course. Although we will be working with the Adobe Creative Cloud version, earlier versions could still be able to complete this course with some restrictions on newer tools.


“The use of video on social media is growing every day.” Businesses utilize videos to increase engagement and visibility for their goods and services.

In his fun but concise and methodical style, Ryan Collins will give you the exact tools and information you need to avoid all the hassles and get right to generating high-quality movies. Additionally, he will show you how to create some incredible projects like Instagram Stories, typography, video ads, and a ton more!

Yes, you can quickly learn After Effects and start producing engaging motion films.

You just need After Effects and the will to succeed.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of After Effects so they can add motion video editing and animation to their skill sets (graphic designers, web designers, or aspiring motion video editors) should do so.

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