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Learn about circuit design and PCB manufacturing through Fusion 360

Learn about circuit design and PCB manufacturing through Fusion 360

Get a 3D representation of your circuit while learning how to design circuits and set up a PCB for production.

What you’ll learn

Learn about circuit design and PCB manufacturing through Fusion 360

  • Observe current trends in the PCB manufacturing and circuit design industries.
  • Make a PCB without cost.
  • Embrace 3-D modeling and simulation in circuit design.
  • Integrate simulation and circuit design procedures into the same software that they are used to using.
  • Make components and assemble them.
  • Make drawings.
  • Create several iterations of your pieces and manage them using settings.
  • Equations may be used to automate design adjustments.
  • Make a video of your components and export them.
  • Draw up representations of your ideas.
  • Create movement throughout your creations.
  • Create PDF files and export them for various views of any portion.
  • Make drawings and save them as PDF files with all the measurements and angles.


  • A desktop or laptop computer with a working internet connection.


This course will teach you how to quickly make circuit diagrams using the library of free electrical parts in the Fusion 360 software.

We’re glad you’re here.

With the help of this course, you might go from not knowing anything about circuit design, simulation, or PCB manufacturing to being a skilled expert who can make circuits that can be made into real products.

This cutting-edge program gives you the full experience of creating your schematic and manipulating every little aspect of each electrical component. Before going on to PCB fabrication, it enables you to evaluate your schematic for design flaws. It also automatically switches your PCB to multiplayer mode.

Using the same program, Fusion 360, you can also get a 3D model of your circuit, which you can use to make a 3D case for your PC.

Use one of the newest and most well-liked programs on the market, Autodesk’s software, instead of outdated programs that restrict your options.

You can test your circuit with the help of the CAD/CAM and simulation tools in this program before making a PCB prototype. This will help you do your best work.

The Electronics workspace in Fusion 360 lets you make more skilled electrical designs.

Who this course is for:

  • This is for anybody trying to stay current with the PCB manufacturing and circuit design industries.
  • Anyone seeking free software with a large number of usable components.
  • Does anybody want to combine simulation and 3D modeling with circuit design?
  • Fusion 360 is a program that can be used by anyone who wants to design and simulate circuits in the same place.
  • electronics, electrical, and computer science engineering students.
  • Students in high school science
  • Hobbyists, artists, and electronic nerds
  • The Geeks of Embedded Systems
  • 2D and 3D enthusiasts.
  • Designers and inventors

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