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KALI + Ethical Hacking + Website Hacking + Mobile Hacking Course

KALI + Ethical Hacking + Website Hacking + Mobile Hacking Course

Utilizing the Kali Linux Course, Cyber Sec Pro, and Forensics, you will learn the art of system hacking, website hacking, mobile hacking, and forensics.

What you’ll learn

KALI + Ethical Hacking + Website Hacking + Mobile Hacking Course

  • Live instruction and practical application
  • Hacking a live website
  • The explanation covers both defensive and offensive attacks.
  • Kali should be learned morally.


  • Internet and computer access


Website hacking, mobile hacking, KALI, and ethical hacking are all examples of cybercrime.

Moral espionage

Footprinting > Scanning > Obtaining > Sustaining > Track Clearing > Reporting


It is a method for learning more about computer systems and the organizations they are a part of. A hacker could employ a variety of methods and technologies to get this information. A hacker attempting to get into a whole system will find this knowledge to be highly helpful.

How to Get It:

The hacker creates the blueprint for the target network using the information gathered during Phases 1 and 2. After finishing the network’s enumeration and scanning, the hacker realizes that they have a few alternatives for gaining access.

Keeping Access Open

Once a hacker has acquired access, they want to hold onto it for potential future assaults and exploitation. Once the machine is in the hacker’s possession, they might utilize it as a base to carry out further assaults. A hacker may be able to obtain more information the longer he can maintain access.

KALI + Ethical Hacking + Website Hacking + Mobile Hacking Course

Clearing the Way:

No thief wants to be caught. In order to help conceal their identity and prevent anybody from reaching them, the attacker would modify their MAC address prior to the attack and run the attacking computer via at least one VPN.

producing reports

Reports are an overview of your work that you provide to management. You must list the tools or methods you used during pen testing, along with the outcomes. If at all feasible, you must attach screenshots and categorize threats according to their seriousness.

Hacking a website

SQL + XSS + DoS & DDoS attacks ranging from basic to advanced

Smartphone hacking:

Learn about smartphone forensics and the art of retrieving lost data.

Ubuntu for Beginners:

The purpose of this course is to teach you Kali Linux.

You will become a Cyber Security Professional after you have finished all of the aforementioned courses.

Learn how black hat assaults work and how to both protect yourself and counterattack.

Additional information

Discover how to use AI to build a website in 30 seconds.

Every month, new lectures will be uploaded.

Who this course is for:

  • People aspire to specialize in cyber security.
  • Future ethical hackers among the students
  • This should be read by anybody who wants to understand more about internet security.
  • Anyone interested in studying Kali