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JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications Course

JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications Course

Learn JSON from Scratch! Learn JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to Build API-Based Apps! Develop 2 JSON-Based Projects

What you’ll learn

JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications Course

  • Understand why JSON is popular as a data interchange format

  • The difference between JSON and XML

  • Understand why JSON is NOT JavaScript Object

  • Learn JSON syntax and data types

  • To write JSON data (simple and complex) on your own

  • Learn how to use JSON with JavaScript

  • To collect the required piece of information even from complex JSON data

  • Learn how to contact an API and collect JSON response

  • Learn how to use JSON with PHP

  • Develop your own applications making use of popular APIs


  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP would be helpful (not necessary)
  • Any text editor and a web browser


This course is structured as follows:

In the first section, you will understand

what JSON is, compare JSON and XML

and also learn

why JSON is not JavaScript Object


In the second section, you will understand JSON in more detail. You will learn

JSON syntax rules


different data types (number, string, boolean, null, array and object)

You will also practise to

identify different data types in real world JSON data

and also to

write JSON data on your own


In the next section, you will understand how easy it is to use JSON with JavaScript. You will learn how to

use JSON.parse and JSON.stringify methods

to convert JSON data to JavaScript objects and JavaScript objects to JSON strings respectively.  You will understand the difference between

dot notation and bracket notation

. You will also learn how to use

XMLHttpRequest object

to fetch the .json file from a server.

The fourth section explains

how to use AJAX techniques to contact an API

and to

collect the JSON output returned by the API


In the next section, we discuss how to

use JSON with PHP

. This lecture explains

json_encode and json_decode

methods. This section will be updated to teach you how to use JSON with other programming languages as well.

The last section is the

Let’s Develop

section where you are going to apply your JSON knowledge to develop some applications on your own. Now there are two applications in this section.

  1. Currency Converter

  2. BMI Calculator

The first application “

Currency Converter”

application contacts a real-world API, collects the JSON data, and performs currency conversion. The second application “

BMI Calculator

” is a more detailed one. As part of this application, you will be developing a simple API using PHP.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn JSON from scratch
  • Who wants to develop applications making use of real-world APIs
  • Anyone who wants to interchange data between clients and servers
  • Anyone who wants to choose JSON as the data interchange format in their REST API design
  • Web developers

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JSON in Action: Build JSON-Based Applications Course

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