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Java Data Structures & Algorithms + LEETCODE Exercises

Java Data Structures & Algorithms + LEETCODE Exercises

DSA for the Cracking the Coding Interview. Animated Examples for Faster Learning and Deeper Understanding.

What you’ll learn

Java Data Structures & Algorithms + LEETCODE Exercises

  • <> 99 Coding Exercises with Detailed Explanations

  • Learn DSA Faster with Animated Examples

  • Mastery of Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Confidently Answer Technical Interview Questions

  • Time and Space Complexity of Data Structures and Algorithms

  • Strengthen Your Skills as a Developer


  • Basic programming

  • No experience with data structures or algorithms required


Welcome to Data Structures & Algorithms in Java

This course makes

learning to code fun

and makes

hard concepts easy to understand


How did I do this?

By using


Animating the Data Structures & Algorithms makes everything more

visually engaging

and allows students to

learn more material – in less time – with higher retention

(a pretty good combination).

I will use these visuals to guide you,


, through the entire course.

The course also includes

dozens and dozens


Coding Exercises

. So you can immediately put everything into practice as soon as you learn it (a very important step).

All of this will help you to feel more confident and prepared when you walk into a coding interview.

I have made several

Free Sample Videos

available for the course so you can see the difference the animations make.

Also, I am very active in the


, so I will be with you every step of

_the the_way



What you will get in this course…


100 hand-crafted


HD videos

to illustrate the Data Structures & Algorithms.

Here are the topics we will cover:


  • Big O notation

Data Structures

  • Arrays
  • Array Lists
  • Linked Lists
  • Doubly Linked Lists
  • Stacks & Queues
  • Binary Trees
  • Hash Tables
  • Graphs



  • Bubble Sort
  • Selection Sort
  • Insertion Sort
  • Merge Sort
  • Quick Sort


  • Breadth-First Search
  • Depth First Search

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Who this course is for:

  • Java programmers preparing for an interview
  • University students taking a data structures and algorithms course
  • Any self-taught programmer who missed out on a computer science degree

Java Data Structures & Algorithms + LEETCODE Exercises

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