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Invalid Column Name SQL: Meaning and best solution 2022

Invalid Column Name SQL: Meaning and best solution 2022

Invalid Column Name SQL

The Invalid Column Name SQL: Meaning and best solution 2022

It’s very likely that you’ve run into this problem with SQL, which is when a column name is not valid.

Coders and programmers know this is not a big deal, so it’s not a big deal.

If this is a small problem, you can just look at the code in the column that you want to show in the table again.

A beginner who doesn’t have much experience in this field will learn about the following things in this post to help clear up their doubts.

  • Invalid Column Name SQL: What it means.
  • Invalid Column Name: SQL: Reasons?
  • In SQL, why does a column become invalid?
  • There are ways to fix the Invalid Column Name SQL error.

There is a problem with the name of a column in SQL.

SQL users must have heard these words.

  1. Table
  2. Column
  3. FROM Clause

It happens when the column name that you put in the SQL doesn’t match the table that comes after the FROM Clause.

To show you, I’d like to give you an example so you can better understand what I mean.

There might be a table.

The table name in SQL is


The table also has different column names, like “name,” “mark,” “age,” “address.”

Below, I write the following question.

select name,mark,aged,adress from student;

Take a look at the array and look at it very closely.

If I run the above query, it will not do anything but give me an error message.

You might wonder why.

I want to look at the code again.

It says that-

select name,mark,


,adress from student;

The word “aged” should be marked.

This word wasn’t in our column.

A mistake in the SQL code caused us to make a mistake, so we made a mistake when we ran the code.

There was a problem with the name of a column in SQL.

It would be better to use-

select name,mark,


,adress from student;

age: We typed it right. There is also no grammatical mistake.

So, what does the term “Invalid Column Name SQL” mean in this case?

If your SQL refers to a column that doesn’t exist, that means that the column doesn’t exist at all.

  • It suggests that you might have made a mistake with a column.
  • It is also the same thing that happens in different programming languages.

Invalid Column Name SQL: Reasons

A lot of people have this problem in a lot of different ways.

Invalid Column Name SQL could be caused by a number of things, such as the following:

  1. Your column might not be there.
  2. You have taken down your column.
  3. The title that you put in the column is not in the correct form for SQL.
  4. You have spelled the column name wrong.
  5. During your query, the column name is different.

People often get an invalid column name error in SQL because they don’t know how to write a name for a column (Structured Query Language).

If you think you have a different reason than those above, let us know.

We will try to come up with a solution.


Solutions to Invalid Column Name SQL

As I said before, this isn’t a big deal. So, the answer is simple.

Solution-1: Correct the Column name

90% of the time, this is the best thing to do.

Look again at your column name and change it.

In the example above, I tried to make you understand the mistake with the column name.

I write “aged” instead of “age.”

So, there was a mistake in SQL.

We call it by these names.

  1. T SQL: The Column Name is not valid.
  2. TSQL adds a new column.
  3. In SQL, there was an error.
  4. A column name in SQL is wrong.

A good example of an invalid object name in SQL would be the one shown above.

Solution-2: Correctly tag the table alias with the column

You get a SQL error if you tag the table alias with the column.

So, what you need to do is correct it.

Make sure you have tagged the table alias with the column.

To get rid of the SQL error, if not, do this.

Solution-3: Check the Case of the column name

If you are someone who has experience in this field, you know that SQL is case sensitive.

So, you have to take care of these 2 things.

  1. Upper Case letter
  2. Lower Case letter

If your column name is of lower case and your query is in upper case, then that will result in an error and vice-versa also holds true.

So, the only thing that you need to do is to take care of the upper case and lower case letters in SQL to avoid such problems in SQL invalid column name.

Solution-4: Check if you are querying the right table

This is one of the mistakes that most people make when they start out.

Calling a table that doesn’t exist will result in a SQL server error that says the name of a column doesn’t match the name of a column in the table.

So, make sure that you are looking at the right table when you query.

Make sure you take care of this. It might happen by accident.

Solution-4: Check faulty spellings

This is the last way.

Just look at your column, table, and query.

Check to see if you’ve written anything wrong, which might have been a number.

If you write something wrong, correct it.

You can go now.