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How to Create Short Videos for Self-Promotion Online – Free Udemy Courses

How to Create Short Videos for Self-Promotion Online – Free Udemy Courses

Learn how to become a video-based marketer quickly

What you’ll learn

How to Create Short Videos for Self-Promotion Online – Free Udemy Courses

  • Create, write and construct short advertisement-style videos in minutes
  • Look like a professional entrepreneur
  • Learn how to use video to increase the reputation
  • Improve your image online


  • Minimal gear – a cell phone with a camera will do

  • A keen interest in video software and marketing will help


“There’s No Escape: The Future of Marketing is Audio Visual.

But… “Now You Can Make your Own Super-Slick Video Ads From Home!”

Rob Parnell here – how’s it going?

Listen, This horrible virus has changed the world – and all of us in it – forever.

Where once we had a life outside of the net, and a job too, for many of us that will change.

If you’ve ever read my prophecies from 20 years ago, you will know that even back then I was teaching new writers they would have to prepare for a brave new world of internet-based employment – and as soon as possible.

I hate to say I was right but I do have to say I never expected it to happen so quickly.

All the figures and surveys suggest at least 65% of us will be relying on some form of internet-inspired income by 2025. So. Do you get it?

The sooner you get involved in the online commercial world, the better.

We live in a time when the unexpected is normal and the unthinkable is just around the corner. You can’t keep believing your day job – your normal life – will support you forever – or indeed that any offline job or life will!

Now is the time to learn how to communicate effectively with a band of followers, and potential buyers of your work, whether that’s books, courses, or perhaps even your music and film projects.

Or perhaps you’re a tradesperson who needs to let a lot more people know about your skills.

Maybe you’re a doctor, a dentist, a real estate agent, or a lawyer.

Or maybe you make things – like clothes or trinkets or bikes or software.


skill you have

can be monetized and sold online through effective video promotion.

The best part is that the internet is now the most perfect place to sell



All you need to do is to interact with your buyers – and do it cheaply and effectively, without the need to learn complex new skills or by purchasing any expensive equipment.

Truth is, you can create professional-looking ads, video sales letters, blogs, mini-seminars, and other short video content very easily and at a minimal cost.

Let me show you how.

This new course teaches you how to plan, write and create any marketing message you may want to send out to your mailing list or post to social media.

This is the course you need to get started on your new future, one where you take control of your career and start profiting as a professional author/marketer or teacher.

Here is what you’ll learn:


Learn why you need to use video to compete in the modern marketplace. And how to be slick without spending lots of money!

What You Will Learn

Where to start, the best way forward, how to maintain autonomy and momentum

First Things First

Attain the correct mindset. Get to know the reality of life behind the camera.


Make sure you don’t get into legal trouble or get yourself taken down!


Learn the 7-step procedure that professionals use to create thumb-stopping video ads.

Getting Ideas

Discover the secret to boundless creativity. How to structure your goals and turn your vague aspirations into concrete results.


The THREE most crucial aspects of any video creation plan. How to allocate the correct amount of time per minute of digital film.


What exactly do you need? And what exactly can you get away with? What’s the best software for film editing?


Your number one resource examined. The big, BIG secret to creating lively and spontaneous film clips.

The Writing

Learn the straightforward way to write a short script, even f you’ve never written anything more than a shopping list before.


Is editing really necessary at all? How to approach editing if it is. What is the true purpose of a script?

Types of Presentation

What is your message? And what is the best way to show it? Learn the FOUR types of presentation available to you. And which is the most suitable for your video.

The Sound of Your Voice

Probably the most crucial part of your presentation. Learn easy fixes to common issues. How to fix the bad sound.


Should you invest in a green screen? How to assess and perfect your “home-based” environments for best effect.


You don’t need expensive studio lighting. See some inexpensive work-rounds.

You – The Presenter

How to best present your videos. Tips and tricks on how to emulate the professionals.

Your Stance

Learn how to judge and alter how you come across on film. It’s all about being subtle!

Filming Advice

The key is simplicity. How to focus on the job at hand and not get carried away! How to stick to the plan

Post Production

Learn how best to file and format your film stock so that it’s easier to edit and handle


Add color, spice, and pizzazz. Add intros and outros. Make the whole project look slick.

The Music

How to make sure you’re not using copyrighted material.


There are hundreds of different types of content and tech specs. Learn the ONE format that will always work, wherever you put it, on whatever website or app, online.


Walk-through Instruction

Special bonus LIVE videos where I show you – on screen – how to use editing software from InVideo

More Resources

How to make intros, outros, and logos easily and quickly with video.

How to Make a Promo

Personalized instruction on how to turn a short article into a full-on video marketing ad.

See you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner marketers, tradespeople, professionals, etc.,
  • online entrepreneurs

How to Create Short Videos for Self-Promotion Online – Free Udemy Courses

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