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How to create a Metaverse on the web with THREE.JS

How to create a Metaverse on the web with THREE.JS

When you become a web developer, you can learn how to make a 3D world.

What you’ll learn

How to create a Metaverse on the web with THREE.JS

  • The three.js library is used to show and manage 3D objects on a website. This lesson will teach you how to use the library.
  • Learn how to make simple games.
  • How do you learn how to design and make a game?
  • How do you put a 3D game on the internet?


  • JavaScript programming skills are required.
  • You must have Visual Studio Code.


This is the fastest course you can think of, but you’ll need JavaScript programming skills to get the most out of it.

You will learn how to make a simple metaverse.

Learn how to design a game as a Metaverse, write it in JavaScript, and put it online for free in this three.js course.

The teacher will go over each step in great detail, but not too much. He or she will also give the student sources to download to make the practice easier and help them understand the concepts shown in this course, which is what this class is all about. Allowing the student to follow the example set by the instructor.

In this class, you learn how to make a Game Design and how to make the most important parts of a Game. User Interface Development (UI), Landing Page (Presentation), Instruction Page (Instructions), and how to make the game fun for the player with rewards and punishments are some of the things the game design will cover.

Do these things to reach these goals:

  • When you write code, you can use the EcmaScript6 Modules, which is a modern version of JavaScript. To write the code, you can use Visual Studio Code.
  • Using JavaScript classes in Object-Oriented Programming, make a controller for the character so it can move.
  • Use a real server (Github pages) to run the source code and put the game on a website for free.

The student will only need a computer with a web browser and internet access to upload the game and set up and use an account on Github, so they don’t need a lot else.

At the end of this class, each student will be able to show off his own 3D game on the internet.

In this course, you will learn a lot in a short amount of time. People who know how to write JavaScript must apply.

Who this course is for:

  • A high school student who has done programming before.
  • Beginner game designer who has some programming experience.
  • The two types of JavaScript developers: beginner and regular.
  • Someone who wants to make his first 3D game with programming skills.

How to create a Metaverse on the web with THREE.JS

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