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Hogben Statistics – Free Udemy Courses

Hogben Statistics – Free Udemy Courses

The relationship between Probability Credibility and Error

What you’ll learn

Hogben Statistics – Free Udemy Courses

  • Overview of Various Statistics/Probability Theories


  • Familiarity with Probability and Statistics


This class is in a conversational, radio news format; It follows the framework and subject in Hogben’s Statistical Theory, this class is thus separated into four parts/weeks: Part I) Game of Chance, Part II) Calculus of Error and Exploration, Part III) Calculus of Aggregates and Part IV) Calculus of Judgements. Each section summarizes the corresponding chapters in the book/section covering the development of the “intrusion of probability” in statistics.

For the beginner or those who would like an easy breezy, enjoyable refresh into the topic of probability and statistics, this class is the conclusion of the series which starts with basics to probability and mathematics to the million parts 1 and 2. The basics of probability are the key to understanding the bolts that make probability; counting, sets, Independence, and the philosophy of probability which hopes to lead the student into the fundamental connection of the inner simple works of probability and calculus: one wouldn’t exist without the other. Basics of probability, using Farber and Ross books along with original material, is the key that leads to mathematics for the million part 1 and 2, which uses the algebraic language, to explore mathematics, culminating in the Hogben statistics which explores the entirety of the relationship between those subjects*.

Hogben’s statistics presentation is to commemorate the First Belarussian front, which was a front formed in world war II against the Nazis, the first regiment to reach Hitler’s stronghold.

*Mathematics for the million parts 1 and 2 and Hogben statistics are based on Lancelot Hogben’s books and the instructor’s original material.

Due to the image pixel uploading issues, this class was first made available on the instructor’s YouTube channel.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want a deeper look into the foundational theories of probability from the game of chance to decision tests.

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