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Hands-On Projects in Bootstrap and React Bootcamp

Hands-On Projects in Bootstrap and React Bootcamp

Using Bootstrap and React, you can create interactive, responsive web apps.

What you’ll learn

Hands-On Projects in Bootstrap and React Bootcamp

  • Become familiar with the Bootstrap Grid System.
  • Discover how to use Bootstrap’s three-column layouts.
  • Build Bootstrap Navigation Components by Yourself
  • Use Bootstrap to style images.
  • With Bootstrap, create sophisticated, responsive menus.
  • Gorgeous Layouts Using Bootstrap Themes
  • Study the React Foundations
  • Utilize JSX and React’s functional components.
  • Create a calculator using React.
  • The React State Hook may be found.
  • Fixing issues with React projects
  • Study React Component styling
  • Create an AI-Powered Single-Player and Multi-Player Connect-4 Clone.
  • Recognize lifecycle events and act accordingly.
  • Learn about conditional rendering in React.
  • Create an entirely unique online store with React.
  • Learn the JSON Server’s fundamentals.
  • Utilize React Router


  • No prior programming knowledge is necessary. Everything you need to know will be taught to you.
  • Simple computing abilities.
  • Basic familiarity with HTML and CSS.


The Complete Bootstrap and React Bootcamp are here to welcome you. Through the use of the Bootstrap framework and the React JavaScript package, this course teaches students how to develop contemporary, dynamic websites. The course begins with an overview of Bootstrap with an emphasis on its reputation in the developer community as the top option for front-end web frameworks that are mobile-first. A well-documented collection of reusable HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code is known as Bootstrap. We begin by learning about the Bootstrap framework, covering how to integrate it into projects and create the fundamental Bootstrap page structure.

The famed Bootstrap grid system and the widely used three-column web page layout follow from there. After learning about the foundational concepts, students get to work with a variety of elements, including typography, tables, and image styles, all the way up to wells, alerts, and buttons. We teach how to create complex navigation menus utilizing the dropdown, collapse, accordion, and pill menus as part of the course. Students have to use a Bootstrap theme to make a beautiful web page from scratch as their final project.

Hands-On Projects in Bootstrap and React Bootcamp

We look into React in the second lesson of the course. React is a well-documented free and open-source library, much like Bootstrap. Meta and a group of independent developers started the project. Beginning with a practical project, the React segment of this course teaches you how to use functional React components, props, callback functions, OnClick Events, and the React State hook to create a fully working calculator. The second project, where you will create a connect-4 clone, will then be introduced. In this section, we’ll go over more advanced ideas, including providing props, destructuring, passing arguments to click events, different styling techniques, and managing callbacks.

In the course’s last segment, we develop a full e-commerce site with several product categories, a product display, a shopping cart function, and other features to further explore the capabilities of React. Here, we introduce a number of crucial new ideas, including the JSON server, the Fetch API, and setting up the React router. Following that, we explore stylized components, rework the store layout, and React’s “context” idea.

You can see that this course covers a lot of material. The best part is that it includes Tim Maclachlan, a recognized senior full-stack developer with more than 20 years of expertise in commercial development. Tim is a multifaceted developer with a focus on mobile, analytical, and algorithmic programming. He has created many apps and worked in a variety of fields, including banking and finance, as well as commercial and military aircraft. Tim is excited to communicate with his pupils and has a genuine love for teaching people how to code.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who are interested in utilizing Bootstrap to create mobile-responsive websites
  • Front-end web development-focused students could discover
  • Students that want to learn React
  • Students who are interested in utilizing the React library to create UI components

Hands-On Projects in Bootstrap and React Bootcamp

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