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Google Script Create Google Docs on the fly from templates Course

Google Script Create Google Docs on the fly from templates Course

Google Scripts is a powerful resource with so much to offer. This course covers Google Script, drive, sheets, docs

What you’ll learn

Google Script Create Google Docs on the fly from templates Course

  • Create Google Docs with the script
  • Use Google sheets to store data and access data
  • Send and retrieve data from Google Sheets


  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Google Account


Google Apps Script sheet data to doc using templates course!

Learn how to use the power of Google App Script to power up your Google sheets and Google docs.

This course will walk you through how to set up a Google Doc generator using a Google Doc as a template and storing the data in Google Sheets.

Once you start using Google Script you will be amazed at how easy it is and how much power you get with just a few simple built-in classes.  Google script is JavaScript with a bunch of Google predefined classes, methods.    It gives you the ability to connect apps together.

Google Script Create Google Docs on the fly from templates Course

Within this project we show you how to access the Google Script editor, all you need is a Google account and you are ready to create apps!   Using the script editor you can access your google spreadsheet data and use it as a database.

All this data goes into the Google Spreadsheet which then gets access by the part of the app that creates documents from the template.  Open the dialog window select the template, all the fields for the template get populated into the dialog form which allows the user to easily enter values to populate the new template with. All this in a few lines of code built using Google Script.

This course is designed to illustrate what can be done with Google Script and how it can be used to create applications that do a lot.

Please note that the scope of this course is Google Script, there is some front end coding like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery which will not be covered in detail!  Google Script is pretty much JavaScript so you need to be familiar with JavaScript in order to follow the course content.  Classes and methods that are native to Google Script will be introduced to help help the application.

This course is taught by an instructor with over 18 years of web development experience having worked with Google Script for over 2 years.

I’m here to help you learn how to build applications and ready to answer any questions you may have.  Join now and see what Google Script can do and how you too can use Google Script to produce some amazing applications.

Google Apps Script is a scripting language based on JavaScript that lets you do new and cool things with G Suite products like Docs, Sheets, and Drive. There’s nothing to install — we give you a code editor right in your browser, and your scripts run on Google’s servers

GSuite Services used within this course

DocumentApp: The document service creates and opens Documents that can be edited.  Google Docs
DriveApp: Allows scripts to create, find, and modify files and folders in Google Drive.
SpreadsheetApp: This class allows users to open Google Sheets files and to create new ones. This class is the parent class for the Spreadsheet service.

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript application developers
  • Anyone who wants to do more with Google Apps
  • Who wants to learn more about connecting Google Apps together
  • Anyone who wants to make use of the full suite of Google script apps
  • Last updated 11/2020

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