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Google Ads for Small Business: Secrets of an Agency Pro

Google Ads for Small Business: Secrets of an Agency Pro

Learn how to run profitable Google Ads campaigns from a pro who has managed millions in ad spend

What you’ll learn

Google Ads for Small Business: Secrets of an Agency Pro

  • Create and manage profitable Google AdWords campaigns


  • All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a desire to learn and make money with Google AdWords!


NOTE: This course was recorded a few years ago and does not cover some of the latest Google Ads changes or interface redesigns. Many of the principles in this course are still very applicable, but you won’t be able to follow the step-by-step portion of this course because the new interface looks very different.

Learn how to create and manage profitable Google Ads campaigns to get new customers and grow your small business’s bottom line.

You will follow step-by-step guides to build your Google Ads account and learn advanced tips from an agency pro who has managed millions of dollars in ad spending.

Use Google Ads to Grow Your Small Business and Make a Lot of Money

  • Pick the right keywords
  • Write ads that convert visitors into customers
  • Get your ads higher and bigger than your competitors’
  • Use the web and call tracking to know exactly how much money Google Ads is making you
  • Send people to the right pages on your website to increase your conversion rate
  • Learn from a director at a top-rated Google Partner ad agency

Google Ads Can Be a Money Pit or a Profit-Generating Machine. Let’s Build a Machine.

Use Google Ads to get people to your website who are searching for the products or services that you sell, at the exact moment that they are searching. Leads don’t get hotter than that! You can show ads to people searching Google anywhere in the United States, (hey, the whole world!) or in a single zip code.

John Horn is the director at an advertising agency that Google ranks in the top 1% of Premier Google Partners worldwide for performance and customer care. He manages millions of dollars of ad spend for companies ranging from billion-dollar behemoths to tiny local businesses. If you want to use Google Ads to make money, this course is right for you.

This Course is NOT for:

  • People training for Google Ads exams
  • Large companies planning to spend $10,000s on Google Ads

This Course IS for:

  • Small and medium businesses who want to make money using Google Ads

Who this course is for:

  • This Google AdWords training course is meant for small businesses with little or no experience running Google AdWords. No prior experience with Google AdWords is needed.

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