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Flutter Intermediate App Development Course – Reddit Clone

Flutter Intermediate App Development Course – Reddit Clone

A course for Beginner Flutter developers wanting to get better with Flutter, Firebase & Riverpod, explained from scratch

What you’ll learn

Flutter Intermediate App Development Course – Reddit Clone

  • Learn about Riverpod 2 from Scratch

  • Flutter for Intermediate Developers

  • Build Full-Stack Reddit Clone

  • Learn about Navigator 2.0 API

  • Learn about Firebase Firestore, Firebase Auth, Firebase Storage


  • Flutter & Dart Basics

  • Some Knowledge about Firebase (not mandatory)


This is a Tutorial to build Responsive Reddit Clone, a Social Media application with Flutter as the frontend framework and Firebase as the Backend!

This app consists of all the popular features from Reddit. One can log in with Google or as a Guest where there are guest-restricted features, for example displaying the latest posts, dissimilar to what happens in Google Sign In, where we get commands from the communities we are a part of. With Google Sign In, one can also create and join communities, edit the description and avatars of community, edit user profiles, share text, link or image-based posts, upvote, downvote, comment, award, and delete, with special moderator features like adding other moderators and deleting any post. Also, one can toggle the theme in the application, from dark mode to light mode or vice versa. It is an entirely responsive project, accessible on Android, iOS & Web.

In this process, learn about designing Responsive UI and managing routing with Flutter, writing backend code and complex queries with Firebase, and State Management with Riverpod 2.0! Also, take a step forward with Folder Structure in Flutter!


  1. Google/Guest Authentication
  2. Create, Join the community
  3. Community Profile (Avatar, Banner, Members)
  4. Edit Description and Avatar of community
  5. Post (link only, photo, text only)
  6. Displaying posts from communities user is part of
  7. Upvote, Downvote
  8. Comment
  9. Award the Post
  10. Update Karma
  11. Add Moderators
  12. Moderator- remove the post
  13. Delete post
  14. User Profile (Avatar, Banner)
  15. Theme Switch
  16. Cross Platform
  17. Responsive UI
  18. Latest posts (instead of home, display this to guest users)

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Flutter developers looking to build bigger applications

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