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Essential Go REST API: Developing, Testing and Deploying

Essential Go REST API: Developing, Testing and Deploying

In this course, you will learn how to make a REST API with Go (Golang) and how to make it safe. It’s then time to put it on your production machines. This is how it works

What you’ll learn

Essential Go REST API: Developing, Testing and Deploying

  • Making simple REST APIs with Golang
  • Building a resource-based database for the REST API
  • JWT Tokens and role-based authentication are used to protect the Go REST API.
  • To test the Go REST API,
  • Making the Go REST API available on Linux.
  • In this case, we’re putting Go REST API on Windows Server.
  • Setting up a container with a Go REST API.


  • Knowing a little bit about how to write programs in Go.


REST API is a way to use your business needs. You can share your data with the REST API. This Bootcamp is for web developers who want to learn how to make REST APIs with Go.

Before you can take this Bootcamp, you need to know how to write Go code.

We start by setting up the environment for Go development. You can work with Windows, Linux, and macOS, but you can’t. Next, you learn about the basics of the REST API, like how to handle requests with parameters. To help you get more practice, we give you two small projects, like a calculator REST API and a product REST API. Do not use databases: These projects don’t use databases at all

Before we work with the MySQL database again, we teach you how to use the REST API in Go. We make our database data available through a REST API so that other people can use it. As part of this class, you will build a Go project that includes a database, models and controllers, as well as other parts.

You also learn how to make your own Go Gin middleware, which is used to run the game.

Next, you learn how to protect REST APIs. We make REST APIs that let people register, login, and log out. learn how to use a JWT token to protect all REST API requests. We also use RBAC (Role-based Access Control) when we use REST APIs.

Who this course is for:

  • Web developers.
  • Students and professionals who make things.
  • All the people who want to learn the REST API with Go.

Essential Go REST API: Developing, Testing and Deploying

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