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Ease Your Aches & Pains with Foam Rolling

Ease Your Aches & Pains with Foam Rolling

This simple technique can help improve your quality of life!

What you’ll learn

Ease Your Aches & Pains with Foam Rolling

  • Learn the benefits of foam rolling, how to choose the best one, and why it works to ease your aches and pains.

  • Learn how to foam roll each muscle group.

  • Learn two full-length foam rolling routines.

  • Learn how to use a ball for more targeted work.

  • Learn how to use a massage gun to get similar benefits as foam rolling.


  • No experience is required! You will need to be able to get down and up from the floor.

  • You may want a foam roller and a ball beforehand but I will also teach you how to shop for the right one!


How much time do you spend using and abusing your body versus nurturing and caring for it?!

Trust me,

there is no criticism here because we all do it!

That is why it is important to find small ways that we can care for the body. Foam rolling is a great way to do that because it takes little time and provides a great impact.

I love teaching my clients to foam roll because it gives them the power to address their aches and pains right at home or at the gym, any time they want. I even have a client that keeps a foam roller at his office now! You will no longer need to sit in discomfort feeling helpless or schedule a massage to get someone else to help with it.

This course will teach you a variety of foam rolling techniques and help you address problem areas in a variety of different ways. You also gain access to three full-length routines that will help you figure out which routine is ideal for you or you may like to vary it up and use all three.

Foam Rolling is highly beneficial for:

  • Before you work out warm up the muscles and improve circulation so your muscles can work at peak performance levels.
  • After you work out release lactic acid and help reduce soreness.
  • Relieving overall stress and tension in the body and mind.
  • Reducing and even eliminating chronic aches and pains for a wide variety of issues like plantar fasciitis, lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, neck pain, and more.
  • Improving your posture and gait.
  • Reducing tightness from sitting at a desk all day.

I find many people have a foam roller at home already but simply aren’t confident in what exactly to do on it. I can’t even count the number of times I have walked through the gym and seen the crazy things people ARE doing with it that aren’t ideal. This course will give you the confidence to roll every part of your body with proper techniques that keep you safe AND are more effective in less time.

If you get to the end of the course and hate foam rolling, I teach you how to use a massage gun to get a similar effect!

Who this course is for:

  • If you have any nagging aches and pains you would like to relieve yourself.
  • Athletes and intense exercisers that would like to perform at their peak and get quicker relief from muscle soreness.
  • You sit behind a desk so much that your posture is getting worse and your body is getting tighter.

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