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Dynamic Programming – I

Mastering the art of solving Dynamic Programming problems and acing the Coding Interviews

What you’ll learn

Dynamic Programming – I

  • Be able to visualize and understand most of the Dynamic programming problems.
  • Develop a strong intuition for any kind of Dynamic programming problem when approaching to solve new problems.
  • Gain Confidence for the Coding Interviews.


  • Basics of programming such as if/else statements, loops & functions.


What is the best way to understand Dynamic Programming? Shall I directly jump to the problems or spent ample time in understanding the underlying theory? How can I frame my thought process to achieve those elegant solutions by myself? Are these some of the questions that come to your mind?

If yes, then you are reading the description of the perfect course you intended for.

If you observe the recent trends, dynamic programming or DP(what most people like to call it) forms a substantial part of any coding interview especially for the Tech Giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, etc.

We have spent a great amount of time collecting the most important interview problems that are essential and inevitable for making a firm base in DP.

In this course, you will learn how to approach a DP problem and visualize the so-called “sophisticated solution” for it. And for each problem, we have followed the same strategy to explain it. Firstly, we have the problem statement part where we clearly state the problem with a practical example. Then we have the intuition part where we start building our logic behind the approach by figuring out some patterns using our common sense and mental aptitude. Finally, we have the pseudo-code and the sample illustration part which completes the whole journey.
We believe this consistency in our approach will help the students to understand, visualize and conceptualize the problem-solving approach firmly. By the end of this course, he/she would be in a great shape to tackle a DP problem.

These quizzes and coding assignments are there to check whether you have imbibed the true essence of the concept and are ready to apply it in any similar type of problem. We have provided true solutions as well for the students to verify theirs.

So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and enroll for this easy to understand the course and get ready to nail those Tech-Giants coding interviews by mastering the art of solving a DP problem.

Who this course is for:

Dynamic Programming – I