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Docker – Almost Complete Guide with Hands-On for 2021

Docker – Almost Complete Guide with Hands-On for 2021

Learn Docker, docker REST API, Continuous integration (CI) to Build Images with Docker, Microservices

What you’ll learn

Docker – Almost Complete Guide with Hands-On for 2021

  • In-depth knowledge about Docker technology and confidence to help your company or your own project to apply the right Docker deployment workflow
  • Design multi-container applications and automate the workflow using Compose
  • Best practices of working with Docker technology in the field
  • Everything about Docker one should know to work in Production


  • Basic Linux knowledge but not preferred


Are you ready to take your DevOps skills and career to the next level, take this course now!
You will go from zero to Docker hero in a couple of hours.

Why choosing this course?

This course is very hands-on, Himanshu has put a lot of effort to provide you with not only the theory but also real-life examples of developing Docker applications that you can try out on your own laptop.

At the end of this course, Himanshu is confident that you will gain in-depth knowledge about Docker and general DevOps skills to help your company or your own project to apply the right docker workflow and continuously deliver better software.

Why DevOps skills?

Nowadays DevOps engineers are in great demand in the IT industry. Companies are looking for developers who can both develop and deploy the applications.

The average salary of a DevOps engineer is about $140,000 per year in the Silicon Valley area which is 20% higher than the salary of a software engineer.

Master DevOps Skills means you will be staying ahead in the competitive job market!

Docker is an open platform for developers and system admins to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data center VMs, or the cloud.

This course introduces Docker and its really simple and easy-to-understand lectures. Lectures are followed by demos showing how to set up and get started with Docker.

This course is designed for every DevOps Engineer

Who this course is for:

  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineers
  • Developers

Who this course is for:

Who wants to learn everything about Micro Services and Docker containers

Last updated 8/2021

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