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Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 6 practical courses in 1!

Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 6 practical courses in 1!

The best way to grow your business is to use a Digital Marketing Strategy. This includes content marketing, SEO, SMM, email marketing, and Google Analytics to help.

What you’ll learn

Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 6 practical courses in 1!

  • It’s time to make an Internet marketing plan for your project for 2022.
  • Online marketing tools can help you make more sales.
  • Competitors should be analyzed.
  • Make use of tools that help you figure out how your website and social media are competing with other sites and networks.
  • In order to work with analytics tools, you need to
  • Draw a picture of a person you want to reach.
  • Plan your media and set a budget for your project
  • Make a good content plan and write interesting content. Make sure your content is optimized for search engines to make it more visible.
  • Promote your content to get more subscribers and keep them coming back.
  • Keep an eye on your social media reputation and work with reviews.
  • With links, you can improve your search rankings.
  • Promote your website in the search engines so that people can find it.
  • Work with the best SEO tools, like SimilarWeb, SemRush, Ahrefs, and Serpstat.
  • Google Analytics, GA4, and GTM are all tools that you can use to work with Google Analytics.
  • Create a good SMM strategy for 2022.
  • Track how well social networks work.
  • Email marketing can help you do your job
  • This is how you build a customer database
  • When you use SendPulse, you can set up an email campaign.
  • Take a look at how well your email marketing works.


  • The more practical tasks that are done, the more effective the class is going to be.
  • It is better if you have an online project that you are working on now so that you can use the skills you have learned.


Do you need to know everything about digital marketing strategy to get more traffic, conversions, and sales? This is a course called “Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 6 practical courses in 1.” It will help you learn about digital marketing.

This bundle of six practical digital marketing courses comes with:

1. A DIGITAL MARKETING TACKLE. In order to grow your business with digital marketing, you need to figure out how.

Strategical When you want to build a strong online presence, you need to answer these seven questions: Mission, Vision, Product, Target Audience, Competitors, Traffic Sources, Metrics, and Optimization. Media Planning and Budgeting.

You’ll be able to do:

  • You need to figure out how you’re going to market your project online for the next 2022 year.
  • Understand the basic rules of internet marketing.
  • Then, do a competitive analysis.
  • In order to work with analytics tools, you need to
  • Draw a picture of a person you want to reach.
  • Find traffic tools that work well for your niche.
  • plan your media and set a budget for your project
  • Find the right online marketing tools to help you sell more.

2. STRATEGY FOR CONTENT MARKETING Content that sells: How to make it happen!

What to write about, where to put it, and how to get people to read it. Content marketing for business-to-business sales. How do you make a Content Plan?

You’ll be able to do:

  • Create a content marketing plan.
  • It’s important to find a group of people who will like what you have to say.
  • Make a plan for what to write about.
  • Create content that is popular and sells.
  • Engaging content can help you get more subscribers and customers who stay with you.
  • Optimize content so that it can be seen by search engines.
  • Master the most popular analysis services.
  • Search for words that people use.

3. It’s called “SEO.” How do you get traffic from search engines that aren’t paid?

Useful SEO tools: Web site and its content. SEO for both inside and outside the company.

You’ll be able to do:

  • Build a plan for getting your website to show up in search engine results.
  • Analyze the traffic
  • People who use analytical tools can do their job better
  • Choose keywords that are good.
  • Build links to your site

4. Marketing strategy for social media. SMM can help you grow your business.

People who study social media. Metrics to Use to Check. Content making and promoting. Management of your social media reputation. Build a plan for promoting your project on social media.

You’ll be able to do:

  • Carry out an SMM competitive analysis
  • Use the SMM tools to look at things.
  • Make a picture of your social media users’ target audience and put it together.
  • Use social media to keep track of sales.
  • In Social Media, write down what you want to say about your company.
  • Promote your content on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Influencers and communities can help you seed content.
  • Do things to improve your social media reputation.
  • Make sure to read reviews and deal with negative comments on social media.

5. Google Analytics. To improve your marketing, you need to do more.

These are things that show how well you’re attracted and how well you’re getting people to This is how to set up Google Analytics and GTM. Analytics set up for e-commerce.

You’ll be able to do:

  • Make decisions based on the facts.
  • Google Analytics is a tool that you can use to work.
  • Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts should be linked together.
  • Make goals and events your own.
  • Reach, conversion and transactional analytics metrics can help you understand how your website is doing, so make sure you know them.
  • Work with e-commerce parts.
  • Set up data transfers so that advertising costs can be paid for.
  • Automatic custom reports: Make and understand them.
  • Configure your own alerts.
  • Segments can be changed.
  • Customize the filters.
  • Then, make sure to set up a set of indicators that are based


EMAIL MARKETING: A Great Way to Make More Sales!

Reasons why people sign up for emails. Email types. The parts of an email letter. Segmenting the database. An analysis of the emails sent. Protection of personal data and privacy policy (GDPR). Chatbots

You’ll be able to do:

  • Build a list of customers
  • Segment the Database
  • Make the first email with SendPulse.
  • SendPulse lets you make the first subscription form.
  • Avoid emails ending up in spam.
  • Take a look at how well your email marketing works.
  • Google’s Postmasters can help you work with the company.
  • With URL Builder, you can add tags to links.
  • With Bit. ly, you can cut down long links.

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone who wants to learn how to do digital marketing should read this book first.
  • People who want to learn an online job – This digital marketing course will help you learn the skills you need for a job in digital marketing.
  • This class lets you learn more about marketing in a digital setting, which will help you better serve your clients as a marketing specialist.
  • It’s possible for entrepreneurs to run their own online digital marketing until they have the money to hire a professional. They can use their new skills from this Digital Marketing bundle.
  • It will help you make sure that your digital marketing skills are up-to-date and help you market yourself to clients, which will help your career.
  • It will help you make sure your SEO skills are up to date and help you market yourself to clients, which will help your job.
  • After you finish this course, you will know how to make a content plan that is based on strategy. You will be able to use keyword analysis tools to figure out what content is popular and what sells. Based on this information, you will be able to write content that is popular and sells.
  • There are people who specialize in SMM. This class will teach you how to write relevant content for your target audience and social media followers.

Digital Marketing Strategy Bundle: 6 practical courses in 1!

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