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Define your Life Goals from IKIGAI – Free Udemy Courses

Define your Life Goals from IKIGAI – Free Udemy Courses

IKIGAI Book Summary in Hindi. – A certified course in personal development, based on the ancient Japanese framework.

What you’ll learn

Define your Life Goals from IKIGAI – Free Udemy Courses

  • Why Do You Need A Life Purpose?
  • How To Make Goal?
  • Life Purpose. Secrets Revealed
  • 10 life lessons from the book IKIGAI
  • Real-Life Examples to find IKIGAI


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Have you struggled to integrate what you love doing, with what can bring you financial security in your life? Maybe you have reached a career crossroads or cannot decide what course or job will suit you best. It may be you feel unfulfilled in your life and you have an unsettling sense of purpose. Have you wondered what is the fundamental point of your existence?

This action-oriented course will help you to find and live your IKIGAI. It’s jam-packed with practical wisdom from Japanese philosophy that you can apply immediately to live a more rewarding, joyful, and authentic life.

My course teaches you that

you are the designer of your life.

It starts with your mindset and attitudes and is followed by your actions, habits, rituals, and practices. There is no doubt that you can continue to live your life as it is, still finding joy, authenticity, and balance. But learning to discover and pursue your IKIGAI can help guide you to the next level of self-mastery.

And the best part? The course is only one hour long! So skip that TV show tonight or make the most of your lunch break and do something to

invest in yourself

instead. I promise you it’s worth it and it will set you up for a lifelong journey of growth and fulfillment.

By the end, you’ll feel inspired to live life to your fullest potential, with the clarity to design the life you’ve always envisioned, and with the confidence to develop better habits, boost your positivity, and achieve your goals.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who want to get their right Goal.
  • Who wants to do something big in life?
  • Everyone! Especially those interested in self-development, growth, and lifelong learning

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