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Deep Learning NLP: Build and Deploy a BERT COVID Q&A System

Deep Learning NLP: Build and Deploy a BERT COVID Q&A System

Build and put into use a COVID-19 Question Answering system that uses AI and NLP.

What you’ll learn

Deep Learning NLP: Build and Deploy a BERT COVID Q&A System

  • Build a BERT Q&A system that gets real-time answers from more than 200,000 COVID research papers.
  • Getting into and preparing the COVID dataset
  • The COVID dataset can be used for exploratory data analysis and topic modeling.
  • Create a database of COVID research text in the search engine Elasticsearch.
  • Build an algorithm that finds and ranks documents from Elasticsearch.
  • Build the BERT Q&A Engine
  • A fast API will help you make an end point.
  • Making an easy-to-use UI with Streamlit Dockerize and putting models on the web.
  • With Google colab and Visual Studio code, I can work together.


  • Some experience with programming
  • Admins have the right to download files.


To learn about NLP and work on one of the biggest real-world NLP projects, this course is for you.

This course was made by professional data scientists, and our goal is to help our students build and use the best Deep Learning NLP models.

Our students will learn new skills at every step and section of our course. They will be able to build and deploy an NLP Q&A system that can search through a database of over 250,000 COVID research papers for answers.

During this class, we write code for everything. This means that the class is very project-based. The whole program is so complete that you can easily change the algorithms and tools to make an NLP Question Answering system for another subject.

If you want to use NLP in your work or studies, this course will help you do that. There are three parts to it, as shown below:

  • All the instruments you need to finish the class.
  • Getting and saving the COVID dataset.
  • Data processing before.
  • Exploratory analysis of data.
  • Putting together a knowledge base in Elasticsearch.
  • Build the BERT QA Engine.
  • The front end has streamlit.
  • Dockerizing and putting it up.

All of the sections have extra materials or resources that can help you learn more about the ideas. You can show how well you know something by taking fun and exciting quizzes.

Welcome to this journey!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing is welcome to come to this event.
  • Any college students who want to work in Data Science and have some knowledge of BERT and Natural language processing models should come to this class.
  • Any business owners who are interested in building real-life NLP Question and Answer systems should come to this event.
  • Finally, this course is for anyone who likes to learn and likes a challenge.

Deep Learning NLP: Build and Deploy a BERT COVID Q&A System

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