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Data Visualization with Python – Plotly & Dash

Data Visualization with Python – Plotly & Dash

Learn everything you need to start creating awesome dashboards for your data!

What you’ll learn

Learn everything you need to start creating awesome dashboards for your data!

  • Create professional dashboards and visualizations from scratch with Plotly and Dash

  • Add interactivity to your dashboards and explore the data inside the browser

  • Customize any dashboard with Bootstrap, and redesign the components to fit your needs

  • Learn how to scrape financial information and transform it to gain additional insights about your portfolio

  • Create your dashboard templates and reuse them in other projects


  • We will use Python in the course, but no previous programming experience is required.

  • You will learn everything you need during the course, and I provide all the code as well.


You will learn how to create awesome dashboards using Plotly and Dash. The result will be a multipage interactive dashboard to help you monitor a stock portfolio. The main goal is to give you the right tools to help you build any dashboard you need, or simply adapt existing ones! No coding experience is required.

This is an end-to-end project. This means I will guide you through all the steps and show you how you can adapt the code to your own needs.

Below you can find a high-level summary of what we will cover in over 4 hours of content:

Data Preparation and Scraping

  • Get started with the course materials
  • Read CSV files and transform them into data frames and dictionaries
  • Use a set of custom functions to

    scrape stocks information

    from multiple sources and store it
  • Use a

    special script to gain additional insights

    about your portfolio (works with Stocks, Crypto, ETFs, etc), including the average costs of your positions


  • Quickly start using

    Plotly Express

  • Understand how

    Plotly Graph Objects

    can help you customize your graphs

  • Create any type of chart

    to tell your story, with your data
  • Customize your graphs with

    very few lines of code

  • Learn how to explore the


    to find what you need


  • Create your first


  • Organize the dashboard elements inside the app
  • Use


    themes to customize the app style
  • Create a


    with navigation buttons
  • Create a dashboard with

    multiple pages

  • Explore Dash documentation and pick examples to

    adapt to your projects

You will be able to

  • Create a

    professional dashboard from scratch

    with just a few basic inputs
  • Keep track of your

    portfolio performance

    , if you own one!
  • Retire your old Excel dashboards and explore

    new possibilities with Plotly and Dash

And much more: background colors, dark themes, multiple callbacks, multiple outputs, graph height and width, rows and columns, dash layout, bootstrap components, politely express, plotly graph objects, dropdowns, custom labels, HTML components, plotly indicators, candlestick graphs, scatter plots, bar charts…

Who this course is for:

  • Any Python developers who need to become proficient with a Data Visualization tool (Plotly and Dash)
  • Casual traders who own stocks and would like to gain additional insights about their performance
  • Analysts looking to evolve their dashboards from Excel to Python
  • Beginner Python users wanting to learn the basics of Data Visualization with Plotly

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