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Creating Illustrations in Clip studio paint – Free Udemy Course

Creating Illustrations in Clip studio paint – Free Udemy Course

another amazing tool for drawing and painting

What you’ll learn

Creating Illustrations in Clip studio paint – Free Udemy Course

  • This will speed up their workflow and make it more efficient


  • basic drawing skills


Previously, for my work, I mostly used Adobe photoshop.

But some time ago I started to use Clip studio paint. Step by step, researching this software, I found some really interesting and unique features, that let me speed up my workflow and make it more effective.

Because originally the program was for drawing anime and manga, I haven’t found many tutorials on solving problems I need to solve (concept development, casual, game illustration).

So after spending some time learning and using it, want to summarize and share my experience.

In this course, I will show the process of creating 4 illustrations from start to finish, explaining what tools I’m using and some specific moments.

I tried to demonstrate the different variations of processes (traditional sketching approach, sketching on the 3D base, 3D figure), and show, that the software is suited for creating different kinds of graphics (vector style, casual style objects, environments, industrial style sketch and render)

Important to note!

1. I don’t explain every button in the software. Only those that I need in my process

2. This is not an illustration or digital painting introduction course. I won’t explain any basics of form construction, lighting, composition, etc., only explain what buttons to push. If we take building a house as an example, I will speak about how to use a saw, hammer, and ax. But I don’t speak about architecture theory, interior design, etc.

3. My English

the course has 50 videos in total. 21 of them are lecture videos, the rest are demos

All demos are presented in two versions- speedup, and normal speed

you can buy clip studio on their official website

there are sales often, and you can buy even cheaper. It’s a lifetime license.

for this particular course, the pro version is enough.

Who this course is for:

  • people, who would like to add one more amazing tool to their illustration by creating a toolset

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