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Complete Python 3 Programming Course From Scratch

Complete Python 3 Programming Course From Scratch

Beginners’ crash course in Python 3

What you’ll learn

Complete Python 3 Programming Course From Scratch

  • Get Python 3 installed, then create your first application.
  • Python teaches you all the essentials of programming!
  • Make use of fundamental programming constructs like functions, loops, classes, modules, decorators, tuples, lists, etc.
  • Three projects that will teach you Python A calculator, a guess-the-number game, and a dice roll game are the first three.


  • No prior programming experience is necessary.


You will learn the essentials of creating simple Python 3 programs utilizing the most typical structures in this course. The most recent version of the language, Python 3, has several updates that boost the productivity and clarity of Python programming. No prior programming experience is necessary. You’ll comprehend the advantages of programming and be able to use Python to create basic programs at the conclusion of this course. We’ll start by delving into the fundamentals of programming.

The course swiftly introduces fundamental ideas, including conditionals, loops, functions, lists, strings, and tuples, via the use of examples. The course includes Python dictionaries, classes, and other data structures. Through assignments and tests, you’ll get practical experience with programming principles along the way. If you’re new to Python programming, need a refresher on the fundamentals, or have some experience with Python programming but want a more in-depth explanation and language for describing and analyzing programs, this course is for you. Happy Studying

A viewpoint on a career

  • Currently, the most used programming language globally for data scientists is Python. (Reference: IEEE)
  • Software engineer, Python developer, research analyst, data analyst, data scientist, and software developer are all career options.
  • According to Gooroo, the average Python developer income in the US is $126,379, while the starting wage for Python programmers is $80,499 (source: Ziprecruiter).

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to develop in Python 3