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Certified Ethical Hacker Practical hands on Labs (CEHv12)

Certified Ethical Hacker Practical hands on Labs (CEHv12)

Complete CEH practical certification preparation course with free challenges and resources

What you’ll learn

Certified Ethical Hacker Practical hands on Labs (CEHv12)

  • CEH Practical Exam Structure and Type of questions expected in the Exam

  • Setting up a personal lab for CEH Practical practice

  • Scanning and Enumerating services on the target

  • System Hacking and pen testing methodology

  • Web applications hacking, including wordpress hacking, brute-forcing login forms, and SQL Injection

  • Wifi hacking and cracking Wifi Passwords

  • Using tools for Cryptography and Steganography


  • PC or Laptop with 4GB (8GB Recommended) RAM

  • No Programming or Linux Skills Required. We teach you from scratch!


CEHV12 Practical Complete Training with Free Resources and Challenges

Welcome to the comprehensive and complete practical course on

CEH Practical Certification Preparation

. In this course, you will embark on an exciting journey to master ethical hacking techniques specifically tailored to help you succeed in the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) practical labs exam. The course provides step-by-step instructions to set up your hacking lab for practicing labs for CEH. You will also be presented with

hands-on challenges on free platforms like Try to hack me and Hack the Box

that will solidify your hacking skills.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Gain In-Depth Knowledge of Ethical Hacking:

    Understand the fundamentals of ethical hacking, including various hacking methodologies, reconnaissance techniques, vulnerability assessment, and system exploitation.

  2. Master CEH Practical Lab Concepts

    : Acquire a deep understanding of the CEH practical lab environment, tasks, and challenges.

  3. Develop Practical Skills:

    Engage in hands-on exercises to enhance your practical skills in penetration testing, vulnerability identification, network scanning, and more.

  4. Explore Advanced Techniques:

    Discover advanced hacking techniques such as privilege escalation, password cracking, reverse engineering, and social engineering.

  5. Strengthen Cybersecurity Awareness:

    Learn about the latest cybersecurity threats, attack vectors, and mitigation strategies to protect systems and networks effectively.

Course Highlights:

  • Thorough Coverage of CEH Practical Labs:

    This course provides comprehensive coverage of the CEH practical lab scenarios, ensuring you are well-prepared to tackle the challenges. Some free resources are provided to challenge yourself and solidify your concepts.

  • Hands-On Labs:

    Dive into real-world, hands-on lab exercises to practice ethical hacking techniques in a controlled environment.

  • Step-by-Step Guidance:

    Receive step-by-step guidance and explanations for each lab exercise, enabling you to understand the underlying concepts and techniques thoroughly.

  • Interactive Learning Experience:

    Engage in interactive activities, quizzes, and challenges to reinforce your understanding and knowledge retention.

  • Up-to-Date Content:

    Stay current with the latest trends, tools, and methodologies in ethical hacking, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle contemporary cybersecurity challenges.

  • Practical Tips and Tricks:

    Discover valuable tips, tricks, and best practices from industry professionals to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness in ethical hacking.

Course Syllabus: Module 1: Introduction to CEH Course

  • Course Intro
  • Introduction to CEH practical labs environment

Module 2: Basic Lab Setup

  • Installing Parrot OS on VMWARE
  • Install Kali Linux in a virtual environment
  • Virtualize a vulnerable environment with metasploitable

Module 3: Footprinting and Reconnaissance

  • Subdomain and VHOST Enumeration
  • Certificates and DNS  Enumeration

Module 4: Scanning and Enumeration

  • Identifying live hosts
  • Service and OS discovery
  • Enumerating different services

Module 5: System Hacking

  • Scanning a vulnerable target
  • Exploitation and Post Exploitation
  • Exploiting different services like FTP, SMB, etc
  • Complete hacking methodology

Module 6: Steganography

  • Alternate data streams
  • Image and white space Steganography

Module 7: Hacking Web Applications

  • Complete DVWA Walkthrough
  • Brute forcing and SQL Injection
  • WordPress hacking

Module 8: Network traffic analysis with Wireshark

  • Analyse DOS and DDOS attack
  • Extracting credentials
  • Analyse IoT traffic

Module 9: Hacking Mobile Platforms

  • Metasploit and Meterpreter hacking phones
  • Phonesploit tutorial

Module 10: Wireless Network Hacking

  • Assessing wireless network security
  • Cracking WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption

Module 11: Cloud  Security

  • Enumeration S3 Buckets
  • Exploiting cloud Misconfigurations

Module 12: Cryptography

  • Techniques to hash data and files
  • Encryption and decryption tools

By the end of this course, you will possess the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to excel in the CEH practical labs and pursue a successful career in ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

Enrol now and embark on your journey to becoming a proficient Ethical Hacker.


  • This course is created for educational purposes only, and all the attacks are launched in my lab or against systems that I have permission to test. The instructor is not linked to any tool or service mentioned in the course in any capacity.

Who this course is for:

  • Students are aiming to pass the EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Practical exam.
  • Cybersecurity enthusiasts interested in enhancing their skills and knowledge.
  • Beginners White Hat Hackers and Pentesters looking to learn practical hacking and pen-testing
  • Is anybody interested in learning ethical hacking/penetration testing
  • Honest Hacking professionals who are looking for more practical stuff

Certified Ethical Hacker Practical hands on Labs (CEHv12)

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