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Cancel Brain Fog to Prime Deep Focus, Productivity and Flow – Free Udemy Courses

Cancel Brain Fog to Prime Deep Focus, Productivity, and Flow – Free Udemy Courses

Neuroscience-based routines and habits, nutrition principles, and behavioral tools to CONSISTENTLY deliver your best work

What you’ll learn

Cancel Brain Fog to Prime Deep Focus, Productivity, and Flow – Free Udemy Courses

  • Essential habits and routines, neuroscience-backed nutrition principles to CANCEL BRAIN FOG and design for focus, deep work, and prime flow states.
  • Neuroscience-based habits and routines optimize brain chemistry for focus, clarity, motivation, confidence, and flow.
  • Foods and hydration principles to optimize and improve memory, attention span, and creativity and prevent brain fog, ADHD-like symptoms, anxiety and overwhelm.
  • Breathing practices, the science of naps, and micro and fitness breaks to increase focus for long learning and deep work sessions.
  • Best practices backed by behavioral science to build habits – an essential tool to build and maintain skills long-term to keep any results for life.
  • Sleep hygiene, routines, and biohacks to increase focus, alertness, and motivation, and boost creativity.


  • No prior special skills, equipment, or knowledge are required.

  • You need to love learning and improving.

  • You need to have open-minded to trying and testing new things.

  • You need grit and enough drive to start applying what you learn CONSISTENTLY – otherwise, you’ll get no results from this course.


This course is designed to help you build foundational habits, eating practices, and morning and night routines to

prime productive states of your brain like deep focus and flow, and sustained motivation, helping you to eliminate brain fog, energy roller coaster, and mental fatigue, which prevent you from getting things done.

The information presented in this course combines

Neuroscience Research, Brain Nutrition, and Behavioral and Integrative Health Sciences, helping you to maintain consistent high brain productivity, and a fit and healthy body.

All protocols are

simple and easy to implement

and require no special equipment or “extraordinary” purchases.


  • Cancel brain fog

    and forget what it feels like to be unclear and forgetful;

  • Increase your focus

    without multiple apps and protocols to manage the “distracted mind”;
  • Prime

    flow states

    where you have a chance to

    produce your best work

    and take your career and business to a new level;
  • Increase


    by optimizing brain chemistry;

  • Decrease stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

    , which often block your productivity;
  • Improve your short and long-term memory and help you become an

    outstanding speaker, thought leader, and content creator

  • Improve clarity, speed of thinking, and decision making – fast progress and

    moonshot goals require good decisions delivered fast and at scale;

  • Increase your mood, optimism, motivation, and personal charisma that will make any

    elevator pitch, presentation or sales call almost a guaranteed success;

  • Come up with

    truly original ideas that can change the world!

How much potential and results are you leaving on the table DAILY


Who this course is for:

  • Mission-driven entrepreneurs, thought leaders, content-creators, self-employed freedompreneurs with BIG goals and no time to waste on ineffective brain states like brain fog, energy rollercoaster, lack of focus, clarity, and motivation, lots of anxieties, overwhelm, and ADHD.
  • This course is NOT for people who don’t care about personal productivity and doing their best work most effectively!

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