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Building Microservices with Node, React and Mongo

Building Microservices with Node, React and Mongo

Learn how to design, build, and run apps that use microservices. You’ll use Node, Mongo, and React to do this.

What you’ll learn

Building Microservices with Node, React and Mongo

  • The art and science of microservice-based apps can be learned.
  • Learn how to use JavaScript and NodeJS to make microservices, then.
  • It is important to learn how to use MongoDB, React, and Node in a service-based app.
  • Learn how to handle events with RabbitMQ.


  • If you have some experience with JavaScript and Node, you will be able to finish this course.


Want to learn how to build Microservices and apps that work together?

Use NodeJS, Express, React, and Mongo to improve your web development skills and make microservice-based web apps. This class will help you learn and understand continuous development and testing, systematic data organization, time-saving techniques, and monofunctional modules that only do one thing well. With our expert-picked, comprehensive modules, you’ll be able to learn and use the most up-to-date web development techniques. A new type of web development called “microservices” is changing how it’s done. Microservice-based apps are easy to change, grow, and keep up with. When it comes to software development and deployment, many companies now use a cloud-based microservices architecture. You need to learn how to use this amazing tool to be a full developer.

It’s not like you have to wait right now. Taking this class will help you learn how to use NodeJS in Microservices and become a fully-functioning developer.

Why should you take this course?

This course will show how to build a NodeJS application that shows how to use microservices. People are more interested in web apps that use the Express framework and other technologies like REST APIs, JSON, MongoDB, RabbitMQs, and TypeScript.

  • Content that is both comprehensive and useful
  • Code tools, technologies, and frameworks: 10+
  • Learn how to make better and more flexible software.
  • Along with the teacher, make a production-ready app together

Advance the ideas that were covered in the class?

  • Find out how to communicate with RabbitMQ in an async, event-based way.
  • Understand how events flow and how many people can be in the same place at once.
  • You will learn how to connect the microservices to a server that renders them. A React app

Who this course is for:

  • A lot of people who want to make apps with microservices will find this course very useful.

Building Microservices with Node, React and Mongo

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