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Build Great IOS Apps (Swift)

Build Great IOS Apps (Swift)

Learn quick and fast by Building great iOS apps using swift

What you’ll learn

Build Great IOS Apps (Swift)

  • Build great iOS apps
  • Learn Swift
  • Learn UIKit framework
  • Build a Twitter clone app
  • Build Instagram clone app
  • Push Notifications
  • Remote Notifications
  • Login in and Sign up for View Controller
  • Design great app
  • Autolayout and size classing
  • in-App Purchased


  • You should have an OS X system, IOS device, and Xcode

  • Enrolled in the Apple iOS program


I have an app called Yuppi built on Swift. It provides the simplest way to share photos and videos in moments and other people can collaborate also moment owners can set up private groups. It’s a cool, elegant, and simple user interface.

I’ve been working so hard on making this app to be the next social network app so hopefully, you can download it so you can give me your valuable feedback.

Currently, Yuppi App is available on IOS 8+ only and soon will be available on Android as well.

If you didn’t download it yet, I encourage you to Download it Now. It’s Free!!.

Technology is everywhere around us but none of us know to code !! This is a disaster.

I think everyone should know how to code because it only takes a few lines to make difference and touch people’s life.

Coding is not about being smart or talented, it’s about ideas and stories telling millions of people about it.

75 Billion Apps were already sold in the iOS App Store. If you ever wanted a chance to participate in this success, here is your chance.

In this course you are going to learn all the basics you need to know to create your simple iOS applications using the new Swift programming language. After learning all about the basics of programming, you are going to build simple code for UIKit Framework which you are going to use to create awesome Apps. After getting in touch with many iOS User Interface components we are going to start using a more advanced Parse backend online database and integrate our apps with powerful tools such that Push notifications, Retrieve Data, Upload data, and  Update Data, and In-App purchases. The conclusion of this course is a real-life example that will help you connect all the dots and pieces of your newly acquired knowledge.

Who this course is for:

  • Have enough knowledge about Computer languages
  • Students who are trying to learn new languages
  • Students must have Passion and be Motivated

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