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Bring your imagination to modify videos with Camtasia 9 Course

Bring your imagination to modify videos with Camtasia 9 Course

All the skills on video creating and improving yourself on this subject

What Will I Learn?

Bring your imagination to modify videos with Camtasia 9 Course

  • Learn to add subtitles

  • Add watermarks
  • Create an intro

  • Record your voice

  • Add more descriptions

  • Mix video files up

  • Allocate sound and a video file

  • Make a scene blurred

  • Learn green screen

  • Create slideshows

  • Make zoom effect

  • Manage transitions

  • Extra Youtube effects

  • Create a GIF file


  • A basic computer using knowledge plus an eagerness to record and edit a video file
  • A setup of Camtasia Studio 9


This course is aimed to supply you with all the necessary skills to create a unique video on your own. All lectures were recorded carefully and it is recommended to follow the course structure. This course brings you an ideal plan which has tutorials last among 2-5 minutes for each, therefore, intended not to disturb both your attention and motivation with some extra detailed lessons.

Furthermore, by releasing this course in simple English besides explaining every single function clearly and briefly, the course was aimed to leave you the time for practicing tutorials on the studio afterward. Simplicity and clarity were the basic two themes that I took into consideration while preparing all the tutorials. In this course, I generated all the subtitles manually in case of any possible pronunciation breach.


we can’t ignore the importance of videos that are lying into various channels such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. Therefore, every single person should be able to create their videos and manage a file regarding their aspiration. In these reasons I can list the advantages of taking this course right below ;

  • You can obtain basic skills in a short period
  • Gives you one example of each tool thus does not waste your time directly gets to the point
  • A simple English speaking performed for non-mother English speakers, even you can speed up tutorials
  • All the tutorials listed regarding the level of someone who is amateur on video editing
  • and much more!

Who is the target audience?

  • For those who want to create videos on Youtube
  • People who needs to learn impressive slideshow presentation
  • Those who wants to create something unique
  • and of course people who believe themselves

Bring your imagination to modify videos with Camtasia 9 Course

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