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Bootcamp for Microsoft SQL Server 2022: From Zero to Hero

Bootcamp for Microsoft SQL Server 2022: From Zero to Hero

Become a Microsoft SQL guru! By creating SQL queries for fundamental ideas in data analytics and data science

What you’ll learn

Bootcamp for Microsoft SQL Server 2022: From Zero to Hero

  • To query a database, use SQL.
  • Take a position as a trainee database developer.
  • Sophisticated SQL statements.
  • Perform data analysis using SQL.
  • They need to feel at ease, which includes including Microsoft SQL and SQL on their résumé.
  • Become proficient with GROUP BY statements.
  • Replicate actual circumstances and ask for reports.
  • complete “SELECT” statements that are literal.
  • Run fundamental SELECT commands on a single table.
  • Using the WHERE clause, filter data.
  • Use the ORDER BY clause to order the data.
  • Return columns from many tables in one query by using joins.
  • Discover the differences between FULL OUTER JOIN, LEFT OR RIGHT OUTER JOIN, and INNER JOIN.
  • Complete the aggregate function-using SQL statements.
  • Bring in a flat file.
  • Inserting an Excel or CSV file into a SQL database
  • Complete the backup and restoration of the whole SQL database.
  • Discounted and undiscounted sales.


  • No previous technical knowledge is necessary. A PC is all you need!
  • There is no prerequisite software for the course (all software used in the course is free).
  • No prior knowledge is necessary; you will learn from the ground up.


With the help of this course, you will rapidly and efficiently learn SQL!

The most thorough database education that is currently offered online is without a doubt this SQL course. This course will advance you from a novice level to mastery, even if you have no prior knowledge of SQL. This is why:

You’ll gain knowledge of one of the most in-demand talents, Microsoft SQL Server, and how to read and create sophisticated queries for a database. With these skills, you can use any other important SQL database, like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and many more.

Given that SQL is one of the most in-demand IT skills, learning it is one of the quickest ways to advance your job chances. You’ll pick up new information rapidly in this course while also facing obstacles and taking exams to gauge your progress.

The course is taught by the main teacher, who has over 20 years of professional expertise.

We’ll teach you all you need to know to be a successful SQL developer step-by-step via interesting video courses.

You will learn all you need to know in this course to become a SQL Pro! including:

Start using the two most well-liked SQL tools in the world: Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Management Studio [SSMS].

Study the fundamentals of SQL syntax.

To analyze data, use GROUP BY commands and aggregate functions.

Complex searches involving comparison and string operations

Learn to utilize logical operators to give your SQL queries more reasoning flow.

Recognize the standard SQL JOIN instructions. Learn to design databases and tables with data entry limitations.

Learn Python to improve your SQL knowledge. You Learn how to import transaction data from flat files into SQL.

both import and export The SQL database is imported from CSV or Excel files.

Learn how to backup databases securely and how to recover databases.

Write SELECT statements properly.

Make your own SQL scripts.

Using both the primary key and the foreign key

Access to View Data and View Creation

The creation of stored procedures to reuse SQL

SQL queries that are dynamic and eGate functionalities

To create complicated searches, use subqueries.

Calculations on Discount and Non-Discount with SELECT

plus a whole lot more.

This course puts you in control by having you construct and restore databases rather than watching someone else do the coding processes. In every segment, you get new challenge assignments that are based on real events and activities.

Starting with the fundamentals, you will quickly move on to more complex commands, handling timestamp data and variable character information like a pro.

For business analysts, data scientists, and anybody else who works with data, SQL is one of the most in-demand talents! Join now to swiftly improve your skill set and add SQL to your resume.

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By the time this course is through, you will be an expert programmer and be equipped to create any application you can imagine.

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to start a career in SQL Database but don’t know much about SQL, Database, Query, or DBA
  • Anyone who works with databases, tables, or data may be interested in learning more about data science principles.
  • Anyone may achieve financial independence if they so desire.
  • Anyone who wishes to start their own company or work independently is welcome.
  • Anyone wishing to pursue a career as a full-stack web developer should
  • If you work in any sector or function that gathers information, such as marketing, finance, accounting, operations, sales,
  • manufacturing, healthcare, or financial services, you might be
  • someone who wishes to acquire abilities that might let them make almost six figures!

Bootcamp for Microsoft SQL Server 2022: From Zero to Hero

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