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Blind 75 LeetCode Questions: Ace Algorithms Coding Interview

Blind 75 LeetCode Questions: Ace Algorithms Coding Interview

Ace Coding Interview: Solve Distilled Curated Blind 75 Questions. Get a job offer from MAANG or MANG-like company.

Blind 75 LeetCode Questions: Ace Algorithms Coding Interview

What you’ll learn

  • Gain a solid understanding of fundamental algorithms and data structures such as arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, sorting/searching, etc.
  • Learn the theoretical foundations and practical applications of these data structures and algorithms, enabling efficient problem-solving.
  • Develop effective problem-solving strategies, including problem analysis, identifying patterns, breaking down complex problems, and formulating optimal solutions.
  • Learn techniques to optimize time and space complexity, improving the efficiency and scalability of code solutions.
  • Dive into a curated selection of Blind 75 LeetCode questions, covering various difficulty levels and algorithmic concepts.
  • Gain exposure to real-world coding problems and learn how to approach them systematically and effectively.
  • Solve these questions to strengthen problem-solving abilities, sharpen coding skills, and build confidence.
  • Gain access to detailed solution walkthroughs for the Blind 75 LeetCode questions. Understand optimal approaches, algorithmic insights, and implementation detail.
  • Learn how to analyze problem requirements, formulate efficient solutions, and code them correctly.


  • A Computer or Laptop Phone with an internet connection.
  • Basic programming knowledge and familiarity with a programming language such as Python, Java, or C++.
  • Prior exposure to coding problems and algorithms is beneficial but not mandatory.


Welcome to the “Blind 75 LeetCode Questions: Ace Algorithms Coding Interview” course!

This course is specifically designed for individuals who are seeking employment at product-based companies and students who want to enhance their coding interview skills. Our primary focus is preparing participants to excel in coding interviews through an in-depth exploration of the Blind 75 LeetCode questions.

What are Blind 75 LeetCode Questions?

Blind 75 LeetCode questions refer to a curated list of the 75 most frequently asked LeetCode algorithms questions. This list has helped numerous engineers successfully clear interviews at top companies like Google, Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and more. It has been tried and tested, with thousands of testimonials available on public review platforms such as Quora, Teamblind, and Reddit.

By following these 75 questions, we can effectively cover a wide range of coding concepts. Mastering these questions will give us a solid foundation to handle most coding interview scenarios.

Is Blind 75 enough to ace any coding interview?

The answer is both yes and no. Let’s clarify: Blind 75 questions comprise a list of 75 questions that are designed to cover the most frequently asked concepts in coding interviews. Many candidates receive direct questions from this Blind 75 list because it encompasses the most commonly asked interview questions from different companies like Google, Meta/Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and more.

Practicing coding problems is the best way to prepare for interviews, and with over a thousand questions available on LeetCode, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones to focus on. That’s where Blind 75 comes in. Years ago, the author of Blind 75 (Yangshuo) curated a list of the most important 75 questions on LeetCode. Many other LeetCode questions are a combination of techniques from these individual questions.

Blind 75 is highly regarded in the coding interview scene and has gained popularity. People even gave it a name – Blind 75. It covers the most common coding interview patterns.

In this course, we will guide you through the Blind 75 LeetCode questions, providing comprehensive coverage of the topics. You will learn effective problem-solving strategies, optimize time and space complexity, and understand the optimal approaches for solving these problems.

Course Highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: We will dive deep into the Blind 75 LeetCode questions, carefully selected to enhance your problem-solving skills and prepare you for various coding interview scenarios.
  2. Detailed Solution Walkthroughs: Each problem’s solution will be explained step-by-step, emphasizing efficient coding techniques, algorithmic insights, and optimization strategies.
  3. Interactive Coding Sessions: Engage in hands-on coding exercises and practice sessions to reinforce your understanding and improve your coding proficiency.

By the end of this course, you will have developed a strong foundation in algorithms and data structures, acquired advanced problem-solving skills, and honed your coding abilities. You will be well-prepared to confidently tackle coding interviews, efficiently solve complex problems, and increase your chances of securing job offers at product-based companies.

Join the “Blind 75 LeetCode Questions: Ace Algorithms Coding Interview” course and equip yourself with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in coding interviews, approach challenges with confidence, and successfully navigate the hiring processes at leading technology companies.

We look forward to having you on the course!

Who this course is for:

  • Engineer, developer, or programmer who wants to improve their coding interviewing skills
  • Anyone interested in improving their whiteboard coding skills
  • Anyone who wants to become a MAANG Engineer
  • Any self-taught programmer who wants to be a Software Engineer
  • Anyone who wants to work at MAANG Industry
  • People who want to develop their problem-solving skills
  • Students getting ready for technical coding interview

Blind 75 LeetCode Questions: Ace Algorithms Coding Interview