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Become a Stronger and More Productive Business Analyst

Become a Stronger and More Productive Business Analyst

Sharpening your business analysis skill set to produce high-quality deliverables quickly and efficiently.

What you’ll learn

Become a Stronger and More Productive Business Analyst

  • Give You Easily Accessible Techniques to Build Better Relationships With Stakeholders
  • Give You the Knowledge To Deliver Higher Quality Work Products
  • Help You Improve Your Efficiency As A Business Analyst


  • Diagramming Software

  • Word Processing Software


A study done by IAG has shown that only about half of major projects with


business analysts succeed (56% to be exact). That number increases to 88% when




business analysts are involved. Being average is not enough to get the job done anymore.

This course gives techniques and practice drills to help gain the most essential skills to quickly be an above-average business analyst. Our goal isn’t to develop every skill a business analyst should have; instead, I am to give you the most productive skills and the ability to use them in days instead of decades.

The purpose of this course is NOT to explain or walk you through all the different parts of what being a business analyst is. The purpose of this course is to give you skills that you can learn and use today that will make you a better business analyst tomorrow.

Note: When I say tomorrow, I do not mean next month or next year. I mean the day after today.

Who this course is for:

  • New Business Analysts
  • Business Analyst Ready to Move Beyond Average

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