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Beat the Codility Coding Interview in Ruby Course

Beat the Codility Coding Interview in Ruby Course

Learn and practice how to solve many coding puzzles from Codility using Ruby.

What you’ll learn

Beat the Coding Interview in Ruby Course

  • Experience solving many of codility’s interview puzzles, with problem descriptions, hints and solutions
  • Learn common problem solving tips ideal for interviews
  • Have a greater chance of passing the interview with codility, hackerrank and others
  • Have a better chance of doing well in a face to face or phone coding interview


  • Ruby programming language
  • Basic understanding of data structures and algorithms


This course has been designed to help you pass your next coding interview. It focuses on puzzles from Codility’s training lessons, so if you have an online coding test coming up, this course is perfect for you.

The key to passing interviews is to practice as much as possible by solving various types of coding puzzles. In doing so you sharpen your problem solving skills and eventually you will start to see patterns amongst the different coding solutions. You also increase your chances of being asked a problem you’ve already solved.

In this course you’ll get to practice many of these coding puzzles. Every section we introduce the topic, explain the problem and later provide you with a few hints that help solve the puzzle. In the end we arrive at the solution together.

Along the way you’ll learn how to ride a motorbike, surf, scuba dive and fly an aeroplane. *

Join me on this course, and let’s get you to pass this interview!

*Not really, however this course is pretty fun regardless.

All code in this course can be found on github, username/project: cutajarj/CodilityInRuby

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Beat the Codility Coding Interview in Ruby Course

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