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Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell

Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell

PowerShell Tool Making Labs, [ PowerShell ] for IT System Administrator’s Life, Project-Based [ PowerShell ] Learning

What you’ll learn

Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell

  • Automation of Administration work with Windows PowerShell
  • Develop Application & Server Validation Mechanism
  • Develop File Purge & Archive Mechanism from scratch
  • Learn an important and mandatory skill for Windows Server Administration
  • Learn Windows PowerShell scripting
  • Write your Automation scripts
  • PowerShell Scripting Concepts


  • PC/Laptop installed with Windows OS. You should be able to use a PC/laptop comfortably.
  • Some basic understanding of command line (Win CMD/Unix Shell) will help quickly picking up


This course is designed to take the system administrators to an advanced level in PowerShell Scripting. You will find ways to automate your daily work using the advantages of PowerShell scripting. The professional who wants to start with PowerShell and have some basic idea of the command line will find it extremely easy to understand the underlying concepts of PowerShell and will be able to integrate PowerShell with non-Microsoft products as well.

Topics that may not be Windows PowerShell concepts but are important for developing PowerShell understanding are included which comes as a bonus.

PowerShell ToolMaking: Application & Server Validation

We need application validation at the time of critical events like post monthly patching or application upgrades to ensure things are well and good or you need this several times while resolving critical issues leading to a business down situation.   During these events, time is an important factor.

In this project, we are going to develop a robust automation solution for ‘Applicati9on & System Validation’ which generates a consolidated HTML report, in the end, displaying all different test case results.

File Backup, Archival, and Purge Solution

Important Content:

PowerShell Logging

PowerShell Automation Solution for Daily Validation Reports

Database interaction using PowerShell

PowerShell Automation for Web/App Service status

Windows Task Scheduler and scheduling PowerShell scripts to run

Pulling reports from Windows event viewer using this PowerShell

PowerShell Advanced Functions and PowerShell Modules

Building Validation Reports using PowerShell

PowerShell with WMI

Advanced File handling Using PowerShell

PowerShell with Windows Event Viewer

PowerShell for Programming

Use PowerShell as an Automation Tool

Briefly, The knowledge of Windows PowerShell is a must for IT professionals and this course is a one-stop-shop for gaining this necessary and in-demand skill

Happy PowerShell scripting 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Students/IT Professionals who desire to automate their or team’s day to day life manual work
  • System Administrators
  • Aspirants seeking carrier in IT Automation
  • Application Support Analysts
  • Cloud Consultants
  • Last updated 7/2021

Automating Administration With Windows PowerShell

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