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An understanding of music (for non-musicians)

An understanding of music (for non-musicians)

Introduction To Mastering Classical Music

What you’ll learn

An understanding of music (for non-musicians)

  • Ability to listen with confidence to classical music.

  • Acquire a basic understanding of how titles apply to classical music.

  • Identify works by titles and organizational abbreviations.

  • Appreciate the musical content without solely relying on form structure.


  • There are no prerequisites!


Welcome to a new way of understanding music. It is distinctive in that there will be no effort to explain music theory. We won’t go too deep into procedures or strategies that may be useful for budding musicians but may not be as useful for avid listeners.

This training helps improve the depth and experience of teaching with these kinds of listeners in mind.

The method that a composer and performer take to a new piece of music will be shown in this session.

Imagine being able to learn from a master’s knowledge even though you didn’t know anything about the subject before or went to school for it.

This sums up the course in its entirety. There is no prerequisite knowledge needed. But even if you don’t know much about classical music, or even if you think of yourself as a musician, you can benefit from the ideas and new ways of thinking that this course offers.

I’m very excited to have you join me on this exploration adventure, and I can’t wait to see what we find.

Who this course is for:

  • Adventurous seekers wishing to expand their palette for digesting new music.

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