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All About Software Testing – Free Udemy Courses

All About Software Testing – Free Udemy Courses

Software Testing Basics

What you’ll learn

All About Software Testing – Free Udemy Courses

  • Basics of Testing-What is Software Testing? Needs & Objective of Testing What is SDLC? Phases of SDLC What is STLC? Phases of STLC SDLC Vs STLC
  • SDLC Models -Waterfall Model, V Model, Spiral Model, Agile Model
  • Phases & Types of Testing & Deployment process, Test Estimation & Planning, Test Case Designing
  • What is Bug Bug Life Cycle Priority & Severity in a Bug, Jira – Project Management & Bug tracking Tool, Daily activities of a Tester


  • No Programming Experience Needed


This course will help you make a strong foundation in software testing.

Learn the core concepts in a simplified manner.

Learning Outcomes:

The skills and mindset that you need to develop as a software tester.

Learn the Basics of Testing. How  Testing is handled in traditional software development life cycle

Learn What are different SDLC Models

In-depth Knowledge of the Agile Workflow Model

Understanding Roles of a Tester-Daily life of a Tester

Understanding Deployment Process and Phases of testing with real-time Examples.

Learn Test Estimation, Plan, Test Case writing, and Execution in detail.

Build STLC Documents like Test plans, Test Scenarios, RTM, Test Cases, Test summaries, etc.

How to write Edge Testcases with box thinking and understand the process of the Defect life cycle

Learn how to raise a Bug and explain of Bug Life Cycle.

Understanding of JIRA Tool-Thorough Understanding of Jira tool for Project Management

Who this course is for:

Fresh Graduates: If you have passed out of college recently, and looking for a job in QA/Testing Industry, then this course will help you build the skills required for your first job

QA Testers: If you have recently started a career in QA/Testing Industry, and wish to acquire all testing skills to build a brighter career, then this course will help you achieve just that.

Developers: If you are an IT Developer, and interested in learning Testing fundamentals to improve your IT Skills and gain a competitive edge over fellow Developers, then this course is for you.

Non-Programmers: If you are interested in IT and find it difficult, then Testing allows you to focus less on programming and more on analysis skills.

Non-IT Professionals: If you are currently working in some other field, but interested in building a career in IT, then this course will help you step into the IT field

Welcome to the course.

All the Best!

Who this course is for:

  • QA Beginners

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All About Software Testing – Free Udemy Courses

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