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Algorithm Agnostic SEO Strategies For Online Marketers

Algorithm Agnostic SEO Strategies For Online Marketers

Organic search engine optimization strategies for long-term supply of traffic and sales.

What you’ll learn

Algorithm Agnostic SEO Strategies For Online Marketers

  • Key points to remember when optimizing a website for the search engines
  • Structuring a website for a better view experience for visitors
  • Acquiring backlinks without compromising your brand image.
  • Options one can take to grow one’s business online.


  • Familiarity with basic Search Engine Optimization practices

  • Familiarity with basic HTML


Search engine optimization requires a person to have good knowledge of search engine algorithms.

Search engines will never disclose how their systems work and the factors that they consider when deciding which pages should have high rankings. Even if they were to disclose such information, they can change their algorithms and criteria anytime, which has the high possibility of negatively affecting your traffic as well as your profit. This in turn will require you to tweak your website, which is very time-consuming and resource-demanding.

To add more to the inconvenience, we can only make educated guesses on how things work under the hood, which can be derived from hundreds of experiments, years of experience, and endless discussions with the so-called experts in search engine optimization.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to optimize your websites to have higher search engine ranks without worrying about the things that are happening behind the curtains. You won’t have to worry about the constant changes in search engine algorithms. On top of that, you will be able to create your content in a way that attracts loyal readers to your site.

This course also covers the right objectives one should have when it comes to establishing a solid online presence and growing a business.

Who this course is for:

  • Website owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Web Developers
  • SEO Professionals

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