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Advanced Scrum Master II Certification Preparation

Advanced Scrum Master II Certification Preparation

People who want to become a Scrum Master 2 should take unofficial practice tests. Get a good score!

What you’ll learn

Advanced Scrum Master II Certification Preparation

  • Take the Scrum Certification exams and answer the questions
  • Understand why an answer is right or wrong
  • Make sure you know what to do to pass the PSM2TM PSM II exam.
  • Scrum Nexus has a list of events and a calendar.
  • Certification questions that are hard
  • How the answers come to be
  • Debts made in the field of technical work
  • With audio explanations, listen to scrum questions and learn about them.
  • In an agile way, you can figure things out quickly
  • It’s time to get ready for the Professional Scrum Master IITM certification test!


  • Good knowledge of Agile and Scrum is needed to use the Scrum Framework.


Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Master II, Professional Scrum Master, and Professional Scrum Master are trademarks owned by Advanced Development Methods ( This course is not affiliated with Advanced Development Methods ( in any way. None of the people who make this course or these practice exams is involved with ( or any other groups.

Advanced Scrum Master II Certification Preparation

It’s possible that you want to take a certification exam like PSM II TM, but you’re still a little nervous. Or, do you want to see what the questions look like? There are new Scrum Guides for 2020. Do you want your project to be in line with the new ones? Do you want to get a good grade on the test?

In this unofficial course, you’ll learn about the Scrum Framework and more advanced topics, and you’ll prepare for the Scrum Master IITM exam with real-life practice tests in both audio and text versions. You’ll get to know the questions and get an explanation of the answers, so you can become sharp, fast, and accurate at answering scrum questions correctly, so you can become a Scrum Master II.

The certification exam is also not included and must be bought separately from institutions like scum (.) org, which sells the exam for a fee.

If you want to take these practice exams, you’ll need to know a lot about the Scrum Framework. Experience with the Scrum Framework is also a good idea. You can start by taking this course.

Why take the class? What will you gain?

  • Make sure you know what the exam is like before you take it
  • Prepare for the real test.
  • When scrum questions come up, become quick and accurate so that you can answer them with confidence.

About me

Hi, My main goal is to help you learn new things that you can use at work so that you can be a successful and professional leader.

I am an Agile Team Coach who has been trained. Since 2005, I have led, coached, led, and managed Agile projects and scrum teams for customers from all over the world. I have done this for a long time now.

During my career, I learned a lot about scrum. I got many advanced certifications, including Certified Scrum Professional Scrum Master, Certified Professional Scrum Product Owner, and Certified Agile Leadership, during this time.

I taught hundreds of students about Agile, and many of them went on to become top professionals in their field.

Teaching what I’ve learned over the past 20 years helps the students get real-world knowledge that they can use at work.

Who this course is for:

  • PSM1 certified people
  • The people who run the company that makes the product
  • IT professionals and programmers
  • IT professionals who have the CSM certification: project managers, DevOps, and so on.
  • People who like to watch videos and listen to questions

Advanced Scrum Master II Certification Preparation

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