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Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

2023 (Edition) Start an Advanced Excel Dashboard Today using Power Pivot, DAX, Power Query, and Advanced Excel Functions

What you’ll learn

Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

  • Learn how to write DAX (Data Analysis Expression) to create an advanced dashboard in Excel.

  • Learn to use Power Pivot and Power Query in Excel for advanced data analysis.

  • Mix formula and function with Pivot Table to create an interactive dashboard.

  • How to use data to make business decisions

  • How to market your new dashboard skill

  • How to create Portfolio to showcase your dashboard to prospective Employers


  • Have Microsoft Excel installed

  • Excel 2016, 2019,2021, or Excel 365 would do. Other than this, please, upgrade the version of your Excel.

  • Analytics mindset

  • Time (You need to invest time in practicing your new skill)


If you are new to

Excel dashboards

or data analytics in general or want to advance your knowledge, this course is for you. We have provided the fundamentals to work with Excel efficiently and effectively.

This dashboard will take you through

Power Query, Power Pivot, Modeling, and DAX

(Data Analysis Expression).

Learning this advanced Excel Dashboard will make you use

Power BI

with ease as it uses DAX for computation and Power Query for cleaning and data transformation.

Our course aims to show you how to analyze data and create a visualization from the different tables without you using

Xlookup, VLOOKUP, or Index and Match

but just with simple data Modeling in Power Pivot.

This course is 100% practical.

Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used data analysis tool available today. This course shows you how to

create POWERFUL INTERACTIVE dashboards in minutes

using standard Excel tools and techniques. (No coding or complicated methods required!)

Say no to a boring dashboard. With this course, you will start creating a very powerful interactive and dynamic Excel dashboard from day one.

If you are ready to learn with me, let’s join the class and see how creative you could be in the few days to come as you begin the class.

Remember you have life Time access to this course.

This course will be updated frequently with the new dashboard.

Be free to ask questions if you get stuck in any steps.

I am already waiting for you in the class, nice to have you.

Who this course is for:

  • A data analyst
  • Anyone working with data
  • A manager
  • Business owners
  • Students

Last updated 3/2023

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Advanced Microsoft Interactive and Dynamic Excel Dashboard

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